Children of Tomorrow

Children of Tomorrow


(3 Reviews)
Children of Tomorrow by Arthur Leo Zagat







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Children of Tomorrow


(3 Reviews)
They roamed the vanished world that yesterday was America. (Copyright un-renewed.)

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tant. Laugh a little, you know, and hold on to my arm."

Marilee's fingers were cold on Dikar's arm, but her laugh rippled like a little stream running over pebbles in its bed. They walked slowly away from the fire reached the shadowy edge of the woods, were closed around by the forest darkness.

"Now!" Dikar said, and he was flitting through the forest night, Marilee a silent shadow behind him. It was like her to stay close behind, like her to ask no questions as he ran through the woods to the cave again.

At the cave-mouth Dikar stopped a moment, sniffing the air. "Yes," he said, more to himself than to Marilee. "I can still smell the smoke of the fire-stick. The wet night air holds smells a long time." Then he was moving again, following the sharp tang of smoke in the air, following it away from the cave and away from the clearing.

The scent-trail led him downhill. Soon the laugh of a streamlet came to his ears and then Dikar pushed through tangling bushes and came out into starli

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A couple of dozen teenagers have grown up on an inaccessible mountain where they were stashed as children. They are the remnant of unenslaved (white) Americans left after the invasion and conquering of the country by the Chinese and their black lackeys.
It's a good enough plot in the style of Heinlein's Farnham's Freehold, but the racism is pretty crude. It would have been a better story with more realistic villains.
A.C. Arquin - Thrilling Urban Fantasy Mystery
FEATURED AUTHOR - A.C. Arquin lives in his own worlds. At least, that’s what his teachers always told him when they caught him secretly reading a book instead doing his schoolwork. He never did stop living in those worlds, and nowadays he dutifully writes them down and shares them. When not writing, he is also a very busy audiobook narrator (under the name J.S. Arquin), a lover of all things Fantasy and Science Fiction, and a general weirdo. He is mostly harmless.