Books Like The Other Boleyn Girl

Books Like The Other Boleyn Girl

As long as monarchy has been around, people have been fascinated with the lives of the royals. History is filled with accounts of the drama, intrigue, and secrets of kings, queens, and their court members. However, there's also plenty of historical fiction in which fans of royalty can indulge themselves. For example, The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillippa Gregory is set in the16th-century and is based on the events that took place while Henry VIII was king. Although the novel's historical accuracy has been challenged, there's no denying that the clandestine affairs of royals make for riveting stories. Here are a few more books like The Other Boleyn Girl for those who can't get enough.

The Queen's Fool

by Philippa Gregory

The Queen's Fool by Philippa Gregory

The Queen's Fool by Philippa Gregory is a sequel to The Other Boleyn Girl and is set during the reign of Queen Mary, Henry's daughter. The protagonist, Hannah Green, is a Marrano girl who escapes from the Inquisition in Spain to end up in England. There Hannah ends up employed as a "holy fool" for the royals while working as a spy in reality. The Queen's Fool is Hannah's coming-of-age story and a look at royalty's lives through an outsider's eyes. Readers who are fascinated by Queen Mary and the accession of Elizabeth I will enjoy The Queen's Fool.

Six Tudor Queens: Katherine of Aragon, The True Queen

by Alison Weir

Six Tudor Queens: Katherine of Aragon, The True Quen by Alison Weir

Katherine of Aragon: The True Queen is the first book in the Six Tudor Queens series by Alison Weir. The tale is about Henry VIII's first wife, Katherine, a Spanish princess destined to be an English Queen. Alison Weir is a historian known for her bestselling historical biographies, and she incorporates her meticulous research into this fictional story. Although this means that the story will be familiar to those who know their Tudor history, it is a gripping tale nonetheless. The novel also shows the human side of a historical figure who is more known for how she died than how she lived.


by Daisy Goodwin

Victoria is a novel by writer and television producer Daisy Goodwin based on her historical television drama of the same name. The story doesn't just follow an eighteen-year-old Victoria as she is thrust into the spotlight after becoming Queen of the most powerful nation on earth, but also her life before this historical event. Victoria also had many obstacles to face as a woman stepping into such a powerful role at such a young age. Overall, Victoria is a great novel for readers in search of a coming-of-age story of Victoria instead of a biography.

Before The Crown

by Flora Harding

Before The Crown by Flora Harding

Before The Crown by Flora Harding is a historical novel that explores the courtship between Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip in the wake of World War 2. Before The Crown follows this relationship from the teenage years of Princess Elizabeth all the way to her wedding day. Having met him when she was only thirteen, Philip made quite an impression on young Elizabeth, and after meeting again when she was seventeen, they continued to keep in touch. Although a lot of poetic license was used for this novel, Harding also incorporated facts, so the story rings true in most regards. However, the novel also shows how everything was stacked against the couple getting married and how Elizabeth refused to back down from what she wanted.

The Windsor Knot

by SJ Bennett

The Windsor Knot by SJ Bennett

The Windsor Knot by SJ Bennett is great for fans of royalty who want a dash of murder mystery with their stories. It's part of the Queen Elizabeth II series and sees the Queen secretly solving crimes while still carrying out her royal duties too. The book is set in the modern era, and with the Queen being nearly ninety years old, she enlists the aid of servants and other officials for her investigations. One of them is her Assistant Private Secretary, Rozie Oshodi, who plays an important role in helping to solve the crime of a murdered Russian pianist. The pianist is found dead in one of the Castle bedrooms while preparing for the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations, so while MI5 barks up all the wrong trees, the Queen figures out what is really going on.

Her Highness, The Traitor

by Susan Higginbotham

Her Highness, The Traitor by Susan Higginbotham

Her Highness, The Traitor by Susan Higginbotham, is a gripping account of the Grey and Dudley families set in the wake of Henry VIII's death. It is the story of Lady Jane Grey, who was known as the "Nine Day's Queen" when she took the throne in 1553. The novel examines her short reign through the eyes of the women behind her crowning, allowing readers to see the stakes involved and what went wrong. Although packed with historical detail, the novel also shows the human side of the characters, which makes the tale even more tragic.

Lady of the English

by Elizabeth Chadwick

Lady of the English by Elizabeth Chadwick

Lady of the English by Elizabeth Chadwick transports readers to England of 1135. It is the story of Empress Matilda, who, against all odds, almost managed to become the first crowned female king of England. Europe of the 12th century was a very male-dominated world, and even as the daughter of King Henry I of England, Matilda faced a lot of adversity. An absence of legitimate sons caused Henry the First to declare Matilda as heiress, but she faces opposition from her cousin Stephen who ultimately takes the crown. The author doesn't sugarcoat anything in the story and portrays Matilda as a strong-willed woman who was brought down by her own pride. It is a riveting tale steeped in historical fact and features enough intrigue to keep fans of royals hooked.