Susan Joyce - Dreams, Adventure and History in the Making

Susan Joyce - Dreams, Adventure and History in the Making
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Susan Joyce has had a full life, with many adventures and feels that she has always been guided by her dreams. In Good Morning Diego Garcia, she writes about both - how what she was hoping to become a dream holiday turned into a nightmare and how she was a witness to history in the making. As our author of the day, Joyce chats about her voyage across the Indian Ocean, how she saw historical events unfold and how she was able to describe her adventure from years ago in such detail.

Please give us a short introduction to Good Morning Diego Garcia

Good Morning Diego Garcia is a psychological and psychic journey forged in the chaos of horrendous storms in the Indian Ocean during monsoon season. Following the loss of a child, war in Cyprus, and with growing suspicions that my husband has a secret life, I pay attention to my dreams, confront the elements, and realize that nothing is as it seems.

What inspired you to write Good Morning Diego Garcia?

My shock! After our boat was repaired on Diego Garcia, a “Top Secret” military island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, we sailed on to the Seychelles. It was there I learned the sad history of Diego Garcia and how natives were forced to leave their homes in order for the US military to build a base. The natives watched their beloved animals gassed before being forced onto boats taking them to unknown destinations. Re-reading my travel journal I realized I had witnessed history in the making; in India, Sri Lanka, Diego Garcia, and the Seychelles. I wanted to share my shocking discovery.

In which way would you say did this adventure brought you deeper into self-discovery?

The turbulent voyage across the Indian Ocean gave me "a bird's eye view” of the immensity of nature and how minuscule we humans really are. We're just a small speck of the big picture of life.

How do you manage to describe things so vividly from memory? Did you keep a diary at the time?

I always travel with a journal and record my thoughts and action while impressions are fresh in my mind; writing key words or sketching an image to help jar my memory later.

What, would you say, was the most challenging aspect of this trip?

Staying aware of my surroundings; physically, mentally and spiritually. Being aware of the changes happening around me and paying attention to my telling dreams.

What did you have the most fun with when writing this book?

Research. Finding out how the historical events (that happened before my eyes) were recorded in the news and history books..

Do you have any interesting writing habits, what's your average writing day like?

I write something everyday but not at a set time. I write whatever comes to mind even when it doesn't appear to be material for a book. Seems important to let thoughts flow and take me where I need to go. Eventually these free rippling thoughts, like magic, fit into a story.

Did you work against a deadline for this book? How hard was it to stick to it?

Yes and no. I pushed myself to get it out by a set date. Once I got beyond the first two chapters, the story pushed me forward.

What's an aspect of being a writer that you didn't know about going in?

The time factor. I still shake my head at how long it takes to write and rewrite to make it my best.

After receiving such positive feedback for The Lullaby Illusion, have you found the expectations that come with a second novel difficult to deal with?

No, the positive and negative feedback encouraged me to become an even better writer.

When getting on that ship, you thought you were going on a dream getaway. Knowing what you know now - that it turned out quite a nightmare at times - would you do it all over again?

YES! It was a journey I needed to take to learn and to flourish.

What has most surprised you about the response you've received from readers?

The great support I've received from readers and other authors.

What are you working on right now?

I'm working on two different projects. One is about soul connections and how these eternal links of light help us manifest our highest potential. I'm also writing about a recent trip my husband and I took to visit ancient civilizations and sites in Peru and Bolivia.

Where can our readers discover more of your work or interact with you?

I would love to hear from readers and writers. You can contact me at:

This deal has ended but you can read more about the book here.
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