Lucius the Club

Lucius the Club


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Lucius the Club by Michael Allen









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Lucius the Club


(1 Review)
Lucius the Club committed a murder -- and forty years later he found out why. This is a dazzling novella from 'a true blue murder master' -Time magazine.

Book Excerpt

ew what they were talking about.

While I examined the gun, Mama chattered.

'This is stage two, Lucius.'

I looked at her. 'Stage two of?'

'Giving you a reputation as a man who knows what he's doing.'

'Stage one being?'

'Stage one was when you sacked the accountant.'

Ah. Yes. The accountant.

When I reached the advanced age of sixteen, Mama decided that I must become head of the household in terms of handling the money. Mama had divorced Jack by then - perfectly amicably, and he kept in touch - but Jack wanted out. He was, in truth, a rather peculiar man, driven by some strange needs; but whatever the matter of that, the divorce meant that he was no longer there to pay the bills and do all the other things that needed care and attention. So Mama put me in charge.

After about six months, I discovered that our accountant, or business manager I think he called himself, was on the take. When I was sure of the facts I asked Mama what we should do.

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