Ella Eris and the Pirates of Redemption

Ella Eris and the Pirates of Redemption


(5 Reviews)
Ella Eris and the Pirates of Redemption by Albert Berg







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Ella Eris and the Pirates of Redemption


(5 Reviews)
Throughout her childhood Ella Eris dreamed of leaving the tiny town of Caelum and finding adventure in the world outside. But when she took the strange ring from the hand of a dead man, she found herself thrust into a perilous adventure beyond anything she could have ever imagined. Now, with everything she has ever known crumbling around her, and an unearthly enemy hot on her heals, Ella is quickly learning that the outside world can be a treacherous and hostile place, and that adventure is often a deadly undertaking.

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elf trying to determine how old he really was with little success.

"Okay then. Julius. How long will you be staying here in Caelum?"

"I'm just passing through on my way to the coast. The next town is almost a whole day's journey down the road, so I thought I'd stop here and save myself the trouble of bedding down under the stars."

"It's a good thing you did," said Ella's mother. "That road is dangerous even during the day and at nighttime it can be deadly."

Ella caught herself nodding, thinking of the dead man. Her mother went on talking without taking notice.

"You'll be sure to take extra care when you leave tomorrow Mr. Julius -Oh I'm sorry, I mean just Julius."

"It's okay ma'am," Julius said. "I appreciate the concern. I'll be sure and keep an eye out for trouble."

"Well, come along Ella," her mother said. "We should be getting lunch ready," she turned back to Julius. "Will you be joining us?"

Julius grinned. "Never say no to food ma'am. I'll be there


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Kimberly Packard

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There were some good and interesting ideas here, but, overall it was poorly executed. The dialogue is stilted and horrible, and the ending is an obvious set-up for a future novel. Albert Berg can be an excellent writer, as evidenced by his short, very creepy story 'The Beach Scene,' available at this site, so let's hope that any future books in this series are up that standard.
a good book, not minding the typos. the ending left me hanging and there's a feeling that this is going to be a series. mr. berg, with the book's next installment, i hope the character's are more fleshed out and that the stories can infused with fresh ideas to keep it more interesting. this book is a good read!
yeah I agree with the last comment, and the end was a bit of an anticlimax. Also is there some confusion between a changeling and a shape-shifter? two very different things
Oh, this book had so much potential. It's a very interesting scenario, with action that kept the story clipping along. It would have been an instant favorite but for a few things.

First, it's full of typos and missed commas. Whether this is the author's fault or not, I don't know, but it's distracting.

Second, there wasn't enough backstory for my taste. The main character, Ella, is a shape-shifter, yet she only uses her power a few times in the book. It seems like it would be a major plot point, but it turns out not to be, which is somewhat disappointing.

Ella finds a magical ring which catapults her into this headlong dash away from a mysterious dark monster... who remains mysterious. Who is he? Why does he want the ring? What does the ring do, and where did it come from, anyway? I'd still like to know the answers.

While it wasn't the epic tale I was hoping for, it was a decent story nonetheless. I read it in three hours, always wanting to know what happened next. A good read, even with its flaws.
A young girl with magical abilities flees her home, pursued by a monster. She has many adventures on her journey. I enjoyed this book, and it should be a good read for young readers also. There are some spelling errors and typos in this book, more than usual compared to other books I have downloaded from this site.