The Lost Continent

The Lost Continent


(4 Reviews)
The Lost Continent by Edgar Rice Burroughs









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The Lost Continent


(4 Reviews)
They dared enter a forbidden hemisphere! (Original title: Beyond Thirty.)

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have done it a thousand times--but I did not dare submerge the Coldwater for fear that it would remain submerged to the end of time--a condition far from conducive to the longevity of commander or crew.

Most of my officers were older men than I. John Alvarez, my first officer, is twenty years my senior. He stood at my side on the bridge as the ship glided closer and closer to those stupendous waves. He watched my every move, but he was by far too fine an officer and gentleman to embarrass me by either comment or suggestion.

When I saw that we soon would touch, I ordered the ship brought around broadside to the wind, and there we hovered a moment until a huge wave reached up and seized us upon its crest, and then I gave the order that suddenly reversed the screening force, and let us into the ocean. Down into the trough we went, wallowing like the carcass of a dead whale, and then began the fight, with rudder and propellers, to force the Coldwater back into the teeth of the gale and drive her on


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(1916) Sci-fi (Post-apocalyptic) / Adventure (Quest) / Pulp (Survival)

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Plot bullets

This is not a saga of Atlantis.
The result of the isolation of America at the time of WWI, led to the isolation and creation of Pan-America.
For two hundred years the world has been divided into two camps. Pan-America exists between the meridians of 30 E. and 175 W.. These boundaries were maintained under the penalty of death.
These boundaries, as they lie in oceans, are patrolled by the Pan-American' Navy. The military is under the same restrictions and any occurrence beyond these boundaries means disgrace and possible death.
Lieutenant Jefferson Turck, of the Pan_American Navy, is on patrol in an outdated submarine, the Coldwater. A rival officer sabotages the sub and strands Turck and some men in a small boat.
They drift beyond the thirty meridian and later can only head toward the nearest land, in this case England, the ancient land spoken of in history books.
The two hundred year old war in Europe has taken it's tole on all the lands outside the Pan_American influence.
England has reverted to almost prehistoric times and dangers abound for Turck and his men.
This is a Burroughs story, so there is a beautiful girl, 'Victory, Queen of England' to save and protect, wild animals, primitive hostile savages , warring tribes and nations as well as a quest to find where civilized humanity has gone.
War continues on the continent and the seat of power has changed many times. It begins to look like civilization has been lost forever. It begins to look like Europe has become 'The Lost Continent'.

Publish 1916.
Original title: Beyond Thirty.
Seems a bit dated now, but none the less, it is a good study of all these modern "man goes back in time meets whatdoyoucall Saurus" type movies. Still a good read though.