The Girl from Farris's

The Girl from Farris's


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The Girl from Farris's by Edgar Rice Burroughs







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The Girl from Farris's


(0 Reviews)
First published in All-Story Weekly for September 23 and 30, 1916, and October 7 and 14, 1916.

Book Excerpt

umis melo; but who would desire a lean shepherd for a fat flock? Certainly not the Rev. Theodore Pursen. A slender, well-manicured left supported an early edition of the "Monarch of the Mornings," a sheet which quite made up in volume of sound and in color for any lack of similarity in other respects to the lion of poetry and romance.

On the table in his study were the two morning papers which the Rev. Pursen read and quoted in public--the Monarch was for the privacy of his breakfast table.

Across from the divine sat his young assistant, who shared the far more than comfortable bachelor apartments of his superior.

The Rev. Pursen laid down the paper with a sigh.

"Ah me," he said.

His assistant looked up in polite interrogation.

"This is, indeed, an ungrateful world," continued Mr. Pursen, scooping a delicious mouthful from the melon's heart. "Here is an interview with an assistant State attorney in which he mentions impractical reformers seeking free advertising and c

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