In Search of the Unknown

In Search of the Unknown


(2 Reviews)
In Search of the Unknown by Robert W. Chambers







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In Search of the Unknown


(2 Reviews)
The stories feature a man who searches for lost species -- animals not seen for centuries -- and as we follow him on these journeys we're introduced to a variety of amazing creatures including the half-man, half-amphibian called "the harbor master".

Book Excerpt

ld see that he was embarrassed, searching for the exact words to convey his meaning.

"If," said I, "you have anything in this region more important to science than the great auk, I should be very glad to know about it."

Perhaps there was the faintest tinge of sarcasm in my voice, for he shot a sharp glance at me and then turned slightly. After a moment, however, he put his pipe into his pocket, laid hold of the brake with both hands, vaulted to his perch aloft, and glanced down at me.

"Did you ever hear of the harbor-master?" he asked, maliciously.

"Which harbor-master?" I inquired.

"You'll know before long," he observed, with a satisfied glance into perspective.

This rather extraordinary observation puzzled me. I waited for him to resume, and, as he did not, I asked him what he meant.

"If I knew," he said, "I'd tell you. But, come to think of it, I'd be a fool to go into details with a scientific man. You'll hear about the harbor-master--perhaps you will see t

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Another boring turn-of-the (past) century adventure story along the lines written by Wells. No action, no plot - just lots of extraneous description and dumb discoveries.
Plot bullets

The six adventures of a Zoological Society employee as he investigates sightings of unusual animals.

The quest:

o Some Hawks thought to be extinct have been sighted by an old recluse.

o A strange man-like sea creature, the the locals call The Harbor Master, is said to inhabit the same area.

The quest:

o A impenetrable glacier has opened up after an earthquake.

o There are strange animals reported, in the valley revealed.

The quest:

o There are reports of a sighting of the extinct Ux bird.

o Eggs are found, but it may be more difficult to present the eggs than it was to find them.

o Royal intervention may be needed.

The quest:

o There is a report of invisible humanoids in the swamps.

o How do you catch one? With an apple pie of course.

An acquaintance has his own tales.

o This man helps a professor capture a living monster.

o An encounter with a cat, or is it the man\'s deceased Aunt.

Published 1904.
The individual stories are arranged as a connected flow
of adventures. They are not set as a short story collection.

The stories could easily stand alone as pure Sci-fi, but each has a
touch of humor. Romance is not forgotten, as our hero meets and looses
a love at each story.

R.M. Almonte - An Interesting Mixture of Science Fiction and Metaphysical Components
FEATURED AUTHOR - Ramon is a self-published author of Metaphysical Sci-fi, who was born and raised in NYC and is the son of Dominican immigrants. He now lives in Japan. His 1st book (Scratching the Cosmic Conscious) was published in 2012. United Earth series, part 1 was published in 2015 (Rough Beginnings) in 2017 (Exiled), and in 2021 (Despair & Hope). As our Author of the Day, he tells us all about his book, Rough Beginnings.