Wandl the Invader

Wandl the Invader


(3 Reviews)
Wandl the Invader by Raymond King Cummings





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Wandl the Invader


(3 Reviews)
A New Planet Menaces the Solar System!

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e made, all of you."

He smiled again. "Perhaps that prominence is unfortunate for you, but let me settle it now. Is there any one of you who will not take my orders and trust my judgement of what is best? And do it, if need be, blindly? Will you offer yourselves to me?"

We gazed at each other. Both the girls instantly murmured, "Yes."

"Yes," I said at last. It was not too hard for me, for I thought I was yielding him Venza, not Anita.

Snap was very pale. He stared from one to the other of us.

"Yes," he said finally. "But Colonel, surely you can tell us more."

Halsey tossed his cigarette away. "I will tell you as much as I think best. These Martians, Molo and his sister, do not know of Venza; at least, I think that they do not. They apparently have not been here very long. How they got here, we don't know. There was no passenger or freight ship. In Ferrok-Shahn, they have a dubious reputation at best; but I won't go into that.

"Venza, I will show you these Marti

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Wandl is the name of the mysterious planet that enters our solar system and stops outside the orbit of Mars. As if it were a space ship. Gregg Haljan and his friend Snap are ordered to investigate what the Martian Molo is up to, so they send their girlfriends to seduce the Martian. And so on.

There are beings from Earth, Mars, Venus, and Wandl in the mix, along with space pirates, mysterious light-beam towbars, two kinds of raygun (between which the differences escape me,) anti-gravity space ships, gravity beams that attract or repel, and indestructible heroes.

It is an adventure story, a little light on social commentary.
Sequel to "Brigands of the Moon", this is another excellent space opera from Golden Age SF writer Ray Cummings. Invaders from the rogue planet Wandl, in league with a Martian turncoat and his sister, set in motion a nefarious plan to conquer the Solar System. Still a fun read after all these years.