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Geek Mafia


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Geek Mafia by Rick Dakan









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Geek Mafia


(31 Reviews)
Fired from a job he hated at a company he loved, videogame designer Paul Reynolds is drowning his sorrows in late-morning margaritas when he meets an alluring, pink-haired conwoman named Chloe. With her gang of techno-pirate friends, Chloe helps Paul not only take revenge on his former employers, but also extort a small fortune from them in the process. What more could a recently unemployed, over-worked videogame designer in Silicon Valley ask for?

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r sandwiches on white bread she said, "So, tell me Paul, why are you getting fired tomorrow?"

"I'm not really entirely sure," he said, although this was a stalling tactic. He knew pretty well why he was getting fired; he just didn't quite know how to put it into words. It'd only been a couple of hours since his high school friend and CEO had told him what was happening. "I mean, they gave me reasons, but they're not really reasons. They're not things I did wrong."

"What does that mean? They didn't like your looks?"

"Yeah, basically," said Paul. "More to the point, they didn't like the look of how I was doing things. What I mean is, I'm not a tech guy right? I'm an artist and a writer. I'm used to working at home and scribbling away and meeting my deadlines. So when I helped start this company, I figured it would be mostly the same. I figured I'd sit in my office and do my work and hit my deadlines and go to my meetings and all that."

"But you didn't do that?" asked Chloe as she pla


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I've just finished reading Geek Mafia on my iPhone. I downloaded it to try an epub app and went for it by the catchy title. I have to say I am very well impressed with the book. It turned out to be a real page turner. A couple of errors, here and there, but overall an excellent book. Going to download / search more books from the same author. Kufos.
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Enjoyable, well-written fluff, a sort of modern "caper" novel set in the high-tech world of silicon valley. Fresh and interesting with likeable characters who live on the edges of society.
This is weird - people either love this thing or hate it.

Yes, there were stylistic incongruities, and there were a few typos in the copy I downloaded, but...

The plot was excellent, for what it was, which is a story written to entertain. This is not Great Literature, and I am sure Mr. Dakan had no intention of it being read as such. This is escapist entertainment, to be sure, and should be taken on its own merits. Sure, the protagonist is no James Bond - but then he's not meant to be. He rang true to me as someone pushed into a situation that he couldn't understand.

For those who like complex plots on the verge of plausibility, techno background and a look at Silicon Valley's unique subculture, Geek Mafia is for you. For those who want an exquisite psychological portrait of 21st century angst, go somewhere else.
This book is a literary disaster. It lacks plot, interest, character development, cleverness, intrigue and intelligent writing. The first three-quarters of the book are filled with a monotonous drone of uninteresting events and information. After that, a few slightly less uninteresting events occur. The "hero" of the story is a loser that remains a loser and the "heroine" is predictable and unoriginal. Little effort is made to develop these character's basic attributes. The relationship that develops between the two characters is mostly unbelievable and boring, to say the least.
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I loved it, and its sequel. Very entertaining, really draws you in. I liked the characters and the plot very much. Highly recommended!
Great book, I could put it down. I love the characters and character developments. Great plot twist, it really keeps you at the edge of your seat.
Love it.
Great series.
I like this book. In my opinion, the writer's style needs work, but that will improve with practice. This is a case were good story beats out writing style problems. I recommend this book to any geek, but everyone working in Network Security should read it.
Very boring: it does not have a plot, the characters do not have depth, nothing happens; even worse than Tom Clancy - but Clancy at least knows what he is writing about!