The After House

The After House
A Story of Love, Mystery and a Private Yacht


(11 Reviews)
The After House by Mary Roberts Rinehart







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The After House
A Story of Love, Mystery and a Private Yacht


(11 Reviews)
"An astonishing story of love and mystery, which equals if not surpasses in interest those other lively stories of Mrs. Rinehart's. The novel is one of the sprightliest of the season and will add to the author's reputation as an inventor of 'queer' plots." — Philadelphia Record.

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the summer with unimpaired cheerfulness, confiding to me that he secured his luncheons free at the soda counter. He came frequently to see me, bringing always a pocketful of chewing gum, which he assured me was excellent to allay the gnawings of hunger, and later, as my condition warranted it, small bags of gum-drops and other pharmacy confections.

McWhirter it was who got me my berth on the Ella. It must have been about the 20th of July, for the Ella sailed on the 28th. I was strong enough to leave the hospital, but not yet physically able for any prolonged exertion. McWhirter, who was short and stout, had been alternately flirting with the nurse, as she moved in and out preparing my room for the night, and sizing me up through narrowed eyes.

"No," he said, evidently following a private line of thought; "you don't belong behind a counter, Leslie. I'm darned if I think you belong in the medical profession, either. The British army'd suit you."

"The - what?"

"You know - Kipling ide


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(1914) Mystery (Murder) / Adventure (Sea) / Romance / Thriller

R: * * * *

Plot bullets

A commercial ship is refitted as a Yacht, with the aft passenger accommodations, in what becomes known as The After House.
There is bad feelings between the Captain, first mate and the owner. Alcohol makes the problem worse.
Three bloody, violent murders take place one night: The Captain, a maid and a friend of the owner, are killed with an ax.
Ralph Leslie, recovering from an illness, took a place on the ship, hoping that a sea voyage would hasten his recovery. He signs on as a general helper to the owner, since he has no sea experience.
After the murders, he is placed in charge, as the only person who may have no prejudice against anyone on-board.
The two immediate suspects are the first mate and the owner.
There was murder in the After House and now it must house the women passengers.
The tempers and suspicions of the crew and passengers intensify as strange occurrences continue..

I didn't care for the ending, otherwise,I would have given it a rating of 5 starts
One of the most chilling books I have read. Rinehart is the master at murder mystery. It is definitely set in different times but I enjoy reading books that give one a perspective on an earlier era. Don't read late at night or you will have to get up to make sure all the windows and doors are locked!!.
A newly graduated young doctor, down on his luck, takes an unlikely job as a seaman on a private yacht. Neither passenger nor crew, he becomes the one person both sides trust when several people on board are murdered, one by one. Though compellingly told, the novel does come off a bit dated, and the solution to the mystery is scarcely foreshadowed at all, which seems a bit unsporting.
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I enjoyed this book very much. A good mystery with hints of romance. Like-able lead character.
this is aperfectly gruesome thriller with loads of bloodshed.not an apt book for the faint hearted.rinehart has writen beyond her time,awesome
When three people are murdered on a yacht everyone must watch their back as the murderer is still on board. But who is it?

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