A Poor Wise Man

A Poor Wise Man


(3 Reviews)
A Poor Wise Man by Mary Roberts Rinehart







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A Poor Wise Man


(3 Reviews)
A Love Story of the New Spirit of America.Vigor, dramatic intensity and teh sweep of a fine romance are here in this new novel by Mrs. Rinehart--a story of "all of us." The pages are so many luminous windows before which one sits and, fascinated, watches the unfolding of a great American drama.

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er than beautiful, perhaps. Her face was less childish than when she had gone away; there was, in certain of her expressions, an almost alarming maturity. But perhaps that was fatigue.

"I couldn't have had Castle, mother. I didn't need anything. I've been very happy, really, and very busy."

"You have been very vague lately about your work."

Lily faced her mother squarely.

"I didn't think you'd much like having me do it, and I thought it would drive grandfather crazy."

"I thought you were in a canteen."

"Not lately. I've been looking after girls who had followed soldiers to camps. Some of them were going to have babies, too. It was rather awful. We married quite a lot of them, however."

The curious reserve that so often exists between mother and daughter held Grace Cardew dumb. She nodded, but her eyes had slightly hardened. So this was what war had done to her. She had had no son, and had thanked God for it during the war, although old Anthony had hated her all her married life

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Set amid the political strife following World War I, this involved and sometimes tedious saga centers on Lily Cardew, a rather stupidly romantic young woman rebelling against the strictures of her life as the granddaughter of an autocratic and conservative steel magnate. Home from war service, where for the first time she had mixed with the middle class -- notably a lame young man working for the Red Cross -- Lily longs for freedom. As Bolsheviks, strikers and anarchists vie with the elite, Lily becomes attracted to a disreputable revolutionary. Rinehart has done far better novels.

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