The Amateur Gentleman

The Amateur Gentleman


(3 Reviews)
The Amateur Gentleman by Jeffery Farnol









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The Amateur Gentleman


(3 Reviews)
The story of Barnabas Barty, son of John Barty, former champion boxer of England and landlord of a pub in Kent. At the start of the tale Barnabas comes into possession of a vast fortune and determines to become a gentleman. His father objects, they quarrel, and settle their differences in a round of fisticuffs which Barnabas wins fair and square, whereupon Barnabas sets off for London to make his place in society -- and discover romance!

Book Excerpt

ks,--to be sure you're over young to have any say in the matter--still arter all the money's yours, Barnabas--what d' ye say to the 'White Hart'?"

"A very good house!" nodded Barnabas, stealing a glance at the road again--"but--"

"To be sure there's the 'Running Horse,'" said his father, "just beyond Purley on the Brighton Road--a coaching-house, wi' plenty o' custom, what d' ye think o' the 'Running Horse'?"

"Any one you choose, father, but--"

"Then there's the 'Sun in the Sands' on Shooter's Hill--a fine inn an' not to be sneezed at, Barnabas--we might take that."

"Just as you wish, father, only--"

"Though I've often thought the 'Greyhound' at Croydon would be a comfortable house to own."

"Buy whichever you choose, father, it will be all one to me!"

"Good lad!" nodded John, "you can leave it all to Natty Bell an' me."

"Yes," said Barnabas, rising and fronting his father across the table, "you see I intend to go away, sir."

"Eh?" exclaimed

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Normally I avoid books over a couple hundred pages, but I make an exception for Farnol. As with his other romances, the main character is virtuous and the side characters colorful. You are guaranteed ongoing adventure, good concurring evil, and love triumphing in the end. Of what I have read so far, I would recommend any of Farnol’s fiction and this is one of his best.
Really charming! The characters are all likeable, the plot comes out exactly as you wish, and it's funny besides. It's like Dickens without the false sentiment and dark tone - the stereotypes act against your expectations and become human.
This is the best book I have read in a very long time! Barnabus is a wonderful man who you come to know in great and small ways. There is excitement and mystery and of course LOVE! One of my favorite characters is the Duchess, she reminds me of my Great aunt who lived into her 90's. I highly recommend this book.
Gitte Tamar - Isolation, Terrifying Entities and Vodou
FEATURED AUTHOR - Brigitte, "Gitte," Tamar was born in a small rural Oregon town. She attended Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, until she won the title of Miss Oregon USA in 2015. Once she finished competing in the Miss USA televised program, she received her business degree from Southern New Hampshire University. Then, her MA in Studies of Law from the University of Southern California, followed by graduate certificates in business law, entertainment law, and industries.