One Basket

One Basket


(3 Reviews)
One Basket by Edna Ferber





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One Basket


(3 Reviews)
The Woman Who Tried to be Good -- The Gay Old Dog -- That's Marriage -- Farmer in the Dell -- Un Morso Doo Pang -- Long Distance -- The Maternal Feminine -- Remainder not included.

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yes. On his face was a queer look--the look of one who is embarrassed because he is about to say something honest.

"Look here! I want to tell you something: I happened to be up in the mayor's office the day Blanche signed for the place. She had to go through a lot of red tape before she got it--had quite a time of it, she did! And say, kid, that woman ain't so--bad."

The Very Young Husband exclaimed impatiently:

"Oh, don't give me any of that, Mooney! Blanche Devine's a town character. Even the kids know what she is. If she's got religion or something, and wants to quit and be decent, why doesn't she go to another town-- Chicago or someplace--where nobody knows her?"

That motion of Alderman Mooney's thumb against the smooth pipe bowl stopped. He looked up slowly.

"That's what I said--the mayor too. But Blanche Devine said she wanted to try it here. She said this was home to her. Funny--ain't it? Said she wouldn't be fooling anybody here. They know her. And if she moved away,

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Very moving and powerful short stories from the World War I era. Edna Ferber is one of the greatest, most underrated writers of the 20th century. Unfortunately, only seven of the 31 stories originally included in this anthology are present in this collection; what's here is definitely worth reading, however.
One of my favorite collections of short stories. Sad and funny at the same time, Ms Ferber excelled at writing true to life stories of the time period that echo through even to today.