Half Portions

Half Portions


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Half Portions by Edna Ferber







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Half Portions


(1 Review)
Real life stories--intimate and revealing, with the touches of insight that let her characters' souls shine through. Done in Edna Ferber's own way.I. THE MATERNAL FEMININE II. APRIL 25TH, AS USUAL III. OLD LADY MANDLE IV. YOU'VE GOT TO BE SELFISH V. LONG DISTANCE VI. UN MORSO DOO PANG VII. ONE HUNDRED PER CENT VIII. FARMER IN THE DELL IX. THE DANCING GIRLS

Book Excerpt

ll days, possessed such boxes of satin and velvet scraps, and bits of lace, and ribbon and jet as to make her the envy of all her playmates. She used to crawl about the floor of the shop workroom and under the table and chairs like a little scavenger.

"What in the world do you do with all that truck, child?" asked Aunt Sophy. "You must have barrels of it."

Adele stuffed another wisp of tulle into the pocket of her pinafore. "I keep it," she said.

When she was ten Adele had said to her mother, "Why do you always say 'Poor Sophy'?"

"Because Aunt Sophy's had so little in life. She never has married, and has always worked."

Adele considered that. "If you don't get married do they say you're poor?"


"Then I'll get married," announced Adele. A small, dark, eerie child, skinny and rather foreign looking.

The boy, Eugene, had the beauty which should have been the girl's. Very tall, very blond, with the straight nose and wistful eyes of the Flora of

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