Buttered Side Down

Buttered Side Down
Stories by Edna Ferber


(3 Reviews)
Buttered Side Down by Edna Ferber





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Buttered Side Down
Stories by Edna Ferber


(3 Reviews)
Short stories of the everyday experiences of shopgirls, actresses, stenographers and other working girls whose hopes, pleasures and trials are depicted with freshness and sympathy.I. THE FROG AND THE PUDDLEII. THE MAN WHO CAME BACKIII. WHAT SHE WOREIV. A BUSH LEAGUE HEROV. THE KITCHEN SIDE OF THE DOORVI. ONE OF THE OLD GIRLSVII. MAYMEYS FROM CUBAVIII. THE LEADING LADYIX. THAT HOME-TOWN FEELINGX. THE HOMELY HEROINEXI. SUN DRIEDXII. WHERE THE CAR TURNS AT 18TH

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ell groomed,' that I don't have time to sew the buttons on my underclothes."

"But don't you get some amusement in the evening?" marveled Gus. "What was the matter with you and the other girls in the store? Can't you hit it off?"

"Me? No. I guess I was too woodsy for them. I went out with them a couple of times. I guess they're nice girls all right; but they've got what you call a broader way of looking at things than I have. Living in a little town all your life makes you narrow. These girls!--Well, maybe I'll get educated up to their plane some day, but----"

"No, you don't!" hissed Gus. "Not if I can help it."

"But you can't," replied Gertie, sweetly. "My, ain't this a grand night! Evenings like this I used to love to putter around the yard after supper, sprinkling the grass and weeding the radishes. I'm the greatest kid to fool around with a hose. And flowers! Say, they just grow for me. You ought to have seen my pansies and nasturtiums last summer."

The fingers of the Kid

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"Mameys from Cuba" alone would make this collection worth downloading, but all the stories are engrosing. I love the way Ferber has of making Chicago one of her characters.
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