The Baronet's Bride

The Baronet's Bride
or, A Woman's Vengeance


(4 Reviews)
The Baronet's Bride by May Agnes Fleming







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The Baronet's Bride
or, A Woman's Vengeance


(4 Reviews)
Also published under the title "The Heir of Kingsland Court."

Book Excerpt

it have been? I recollect nothing of it."

"I expected as much; but my memory is a good one. It is stamped on my heart forever. Great men like Sir Jasper Kingsland, grandees of the land, forget these little things. I owe you a long debt, Sir Jasper, and I will pay it to the uttermost farthing, so help me God!"

His black eyes blazed, his low voice rose, his arm uplifted fiercely for an instant in dire menace. Then, quick as lightning flashes, all was transformed. The eyes were bent upon the carpet, the arms folded, the voice sunk, soft and servile.

"Forgive me!" he murmured. "In my gratitude I forget myself. But you have my motive in coming here--the desire to repay you; to look into the future of your son; to see the evils that may threaten his youth and manhood, and to place you on your guard against them. 'Forwarned is fore-armed,' you know. Do not doubt my power. In far-off Oriental lands, under the golden stars of Syria, I learned the lore of the wise men of the East. I learned to rea

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Jeepers Creepers! The name itself is so melodramatic: "The Baronet's Bride or a Woman's Vengeance". Seriously, guys? Haha, I can't believe people read this seriously. :D
The book was published in 1868 not 1880. I have a first edition and it clearly says 1868 and has a different cover then the one pictured there. I have not yet decided to read it yet so if it is a good book let me know
I'm not even past the first paragraph yet and one word sums the book up: MELODRAMATIC! This is hilariously over the top prose. All in all, I think it should be an amusing read, a sort of literary, thrill-and-chill roller coaster.
What a romp! It's absolutely without redeeming social value, and the sort of thing that makes you understand why pious prudes used to denounce the reading of all novels. But imagine the thrilled young girls poring over this in secret. Arrogant and impetuous baronets, haughty ladies, gypsies declaring vengeance unto the third generation, a horrifying horoscope, a dying father with a degrading secret, a deathbed betrothal, family feuds, mysterious murder ... a frothy confection of brain-rotting mind candy. Irresistible.
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