A Mad Marriage

A Mad Marriage


(4 Reviews)
A Mad Marriage by May Agnes Fleming







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A Mad Marriage


(4 Reviews)
Poor marital choices lead to unhappy results.

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am not to blame, mother, believe that. Only (it is not a pleasant thing to tell) Mrs. Englehart has taken it into that supremely foolish head of hers to be jealous of me--of poor, plain Joan Kennedy! The major, a kind old soul, has spoken a friendly word or two in passing and--behold the result! Don't let us talk about it. I'll start out to-morrow morning and search all Quebec, and get a situation or perish in the attempt. And now, Mistress Jessie, I'll take a cup of tea."

I threw off my shawl and bonnet, laughing for fear I should break down and cry, and took my seat. As I did so, there came a loud knock at the door. So loud, that Jessie nearly dropped the snub-nosed teapot.

"Good gracious, Joan! who is this?"

I walked to the door and opened it--then fell back aghast. For firelight and candlelight streamed full across the face of the lady I had seen at the House to Let.

"May I come in?"

She did not wait for permission. She walked in past me, straight to the fire, a


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I like this book,love the character Terry a sacrificing lad but hate his girlfriend who was total ninny.France was good,a girl with moral values who refuse to marry a divorced man as marriages cant be broken only with a piece of paper.Love the climax.Lady dynely was unbearable.Eric too.All in all a dramatic and tragic story you should read yourself to judge.
I usually like May Agnes Fleming, but this is an awful book full of unlikeable and unrealistic characters. The unlikeable people include Gordon, who, finding his adoring wife isn't who he thought she was, casts her off and feels he is disgraced; his mother, who then throws him out because of said disgrace; the wife, who vows bitter revenge; Lady Dynely, who goes to all nefarious ends for her son; and her son, Eric, who is as feckless and selfish as you'd expect someone brought up by such a mother to be. The unbelievable characters include France, who falls in love with Gordon, but refuses to marry him when she discovers that his legally divorced wife is still alive, and Terry, who, on being told he is Eric's legitimate elder half brother and thus heir to the Dynely estate, gives it all up and agrees to keep it secret just because Eric's mother wants him to, and then puts up with Eric stealing his girlfriend (an unbelievable ninny) and otherwise acting like a jerk until Terry dies saving Eric's life and leaving all the unpleasant people to live happily ever after. Except the ex-wife, who is conveniently poisoned by an Italian prince. Feh.