The Last Lords of Gardonal

The Last Lords of Gardonal


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The Last Lords of Gardonal by William Gilbert







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The Last Lords of Gardonal


(1 Review)

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uring the remaining portion of the interview in carefully examining the premises, and mentally taking note of the manner in which they could be most easily entered, as he judged rightly enough, that before long he might be sent to the house on a far less peaceable mission.

Nothing could exceed the rage of the baron when he heard the farmer's message.

"You cowardly villain!" he said to Ludovico, "did you allow the wretch to live who could send such a message to your master?"

"So please you," said Ludovico. "What could I do?"

"You could have struck him to the heart with your dagger, could you not?" said the baron. "I have known you do such a thing to an old woman for half the provocation. Had it been Biffi's wife instead you might have shown more courage."

"Had I followed my own inclination," said Ludovico, "I would have killed the fellow on the spot; but then I could not have brought away the young lady with me, for there were too many persons about the house and in the field

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I first came across this story in a collection of vampire stories and was completely engaged. The main theme of the story, or take-away point I received is that of repayment of extreme evil and despotism through shrewd and creative means. The villain of this story is maddening in his freedom to exert any whim on weaker folk. But he gets his in the end in a wonderfully ghoulish and satisfying way. I could so see this story made into a Hollywood movie. It would make a wonderful one and I am very surprised this story is not more well known.
Camilla Chance - A Coming of Age Story With a Twist
FEATURED AUTHOR - Camilla Chance was born in London in 1940 and moved to Australia as a young girl. She wrote her first novel at 18 but her father forced her to withdraw from this contract as she was still legally his "property" until she was 21. She kept writing, however. She graduated in Arts from Melbourne University. Wisdom Man, was her instant Australian bestseller and winner of Award for best multicultural work.