The Desert of Wheat

The Desert of Wheat


(3 Reviews)
The Desert of Wheat by Zane Grey







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The Desert of Wheat


(3 Reviews)
The story of one man's fight to purge himself of a hated secret, and his war against the I.W.W.'s who ruin his harvest. An "anti-Bolshevist" tale.

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the second at Spokane, in front of the Davenport," she replied.

"First--and--second?... You--you remembered both times!" he burst out, incredulously.

"Yes. I don't see how I could have helped remembering." Her laugh was low, musical, a little hurried, yet cool.

Dorn was not familiar with girls. He had worked hard all his life, there among those desert hills, and during the few years his father had allowed him for education. He knew wheat, but nothing of the eternal feminine. So it was impossible for him to grasp that this girl was not wholly at her ease. Her words and the cool little laugh suddenly brought home to Kurt the immeasurable distance between him and a daughter of one of the richest ranchers in Washington.

"You mean I--I was impertinent," he began, struggling between shame and pride. "I--I stared at you.... Oh, I must have been rude.... But, Miss Anderson, I--I didn't mean to be. I didn't think you saw me--at all. I don't know what made me do that. It never happened before. I beg your pa

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A pretty decent story of Washington State, the IWW and the First World War. Melodramatic and a bit wordy with idealized hero and heroine but definitely worth a read.
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So far, I am over half way through reading this book. It is a wonderful, clear cut book with such wonderful descriptions of the grain and the countryside. My book is dated 1919.
This book although old has a story that is timeless and would interest many people.
Can hardly wait to see how he resolves his dilemma of his mixed nationality.
a good story of a man serving his country. a world war 2 setting I reccomend this book to anybody who did not read this book to read it now/exscuse my spelling/ JEFF