From the Hands of Hostile Gods

From the Hands of Hostile Gods


(3 Reviews)
From the Hands of Hostile Gods by Darren R. Hawkins







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From the Hands of Hostile Gods


(3 Reviews)
First contact, cybernetically unrequited love, deep space exploration, high stakes corporate espionage -- a SF novel chock full of everything but car chases.

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y, but Brett wasn't a sci-tech. He didn't, in fact, give a rat about sci-techs or their concerns as long as they got the work done, kept the satellites humming and the impregnated greenhouse gases churning.

The door buzzed, and Brett straightened in his chair. He glanced at the monitor, but no one had showed any interest in picking up the open line yet.

"Open," he said, and it did.

With a hand on the latch, Djen peeked around the edge of the door as though afraid to find him occupied in something less than tasteful. Djen Riley filled the role of Command Logistics Coordinator. In meaner times, she might have been called his administrative assistant. As he valued his life, Brett never used that term anywhere in her vicinity. She was also an extremely capable and properly degreed Biology Second.

He offered her a smile of greeting and waved her inside. He noticed she had cut her hair again. Djen chose, though there were no regulations to specify such a thing, to wear her golden-red hai

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An excellent read, especially if you are a techie. Enough twists and turns to keep you intrigued without losing you. If sure people will find holes in some of the tech assumptions, but then think of how when star trek started the tech was unthinkable. I could easily see this book being turned into a movie.
As soon as I read: The nanomech units grasped the particles which whizzed down the gullet of the ducts, analyzed the chemical and molecular components of their catch, and recrafted carbon dioxide to ozone, ammonia to nitrogen., I was out of it. Certainly, up to there it's already very drramatic, but here the author lacks the specific grasp of chemistry that is needed for science fiction.

So if you want drama, okay. Hard science, NOT. That's probably why it was free, anyway.
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