The Moon of Skulls

The Moon of Skulls


(3 Reviews)
The Moon of Skulls by Robert E. Howard







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The Moon of Skulls


(3 Reviews)

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The cavern seemed a large one, for at no time after entering it could he touch the roof, nor could he, with a hand on one wall, reach the other.

At last the floor became level and Kane sensed that the cave was much larger there. The air seemed better, though the darkness was just as impenetrable. Suddenly he stopped dead in his tracks. From somewhere in front of him there came a strange indescribable rustling. Without warning something smote him in the face and slashed wildly. All about him sounded the eerie murmurings of many small wings and suddenly Kane smiled crookedly, amused, relieved and chagrined. Bats, of course. The cave was swarming with them. Still, it was a shaky experience, and as he went on and the wings whispered through the vast emptiness of the great cavern, Kane's mind found space to dally with a bizarre thought— had he wandered into Hell by some strange means, and were these in truth bats, or were they lost souls winging through everlasting night? Then, thought S

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Probably one of the better Solomon Kane novels, as it takes the Puritan hero out of Europe and into Africa, against a murderous African queen of a lost tribe. A mix of magic and sword and rapier action.
(1930) Short Story / Adventure (Quest) / Pulp (Hostage Rescue) / Thriller (Human Sacrifice)

R: * * * *

Plot bullets

An English girl is taken captive by African natives.
An adventurer takes it upon himself to rescue her.
He must find her before she is sacrificed at 'The Moon of Skulls'.

A pretty good Solomon Kane adventure. Kane is a Puritan hero roaming Africa with his flintlock and rapier. He tracks a kidnapped Englishwoman to an ancient Atlantean outpost in the African jungle, now overrun and ruled by blood-maddened natives.

Good description and plotting, without any convenient coincidences until the end, after the plot was resolved.