The Toilers of the Field

The Toilers of the Field


(2 Reviews)
The Toilers of the Field by Richard Jefferies





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The Toilers of the Field


(2 Reviews)

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an adjunct of the garden. Some of the real old English farmsteads possess the crowning delight of a filbert walk, but these are rare now. In fact the introduction of machinery and steam, and the general revolution which has been going on in agriculture, has gone far to sweep away these more pleasant and home-like features of the farm. It becomes daily more and more like a mere official residence, so to speak. The peculiar home-like aspect of a farmhouse is gradually disappearing.

The daily life of the middle-class dairy farmer begins at five in the morning. Rising about that hour, his first duty is to see that the men have all appeared, and that they are engaged in milking the cows. He breakfasts at six, or half-past, and the whole family have finished breakfast before seven. By this time the day-labourers have come (the milkers are usually hired by the year), and the master has to go out and put them on to their jobs. Meantime the dairy is a scene of work and bustle; cheesemaking being in full swing.

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R.J.'s observations of rural english life and anecdotal stories have deeply enriched my life & longing to acheive the empathy he had for the natural world. The poignant stories of the lot of rural folk such as 'Absolam White' and his family shall always be with me.
A spiritual writer who wisely saw through the farce of Darwinian Evolution, -fairly unique in his time. Educated by his natural surroundings in a way that 21st century man lacks, (otherwise we should not be so easily fooled by evolutianary dogma) a mind broadening read.
As the old saying goes; 'For want of a nail, the shoe was lost...'. This book never achieved its rightful place in the literary pantheon due to a simple typographical error...of ONE LETTER!

The original title of this book was meant to be 'The Toilets of the Field'. It is a thorough chronicling of the history of portable toilets and outhouses.

You'll learn such fascinating factoids as:

*Early American portable toilets
*Great events that have occurred in portable toilets
*Portable toilets of the rich and famous
*Portable toilet humor
*Portable toilets in the future

Seems rather strange that the publishers never corrected their spelling error in the title.