The Ivory Snuff Box

The Ivory Snuff Box


(3 Reviews)
The Ivory Snuff Box by Frederic Arnold Kummer





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The Ivory Snuff Box


(3 Reviews)
Murder; mystery; espionage: plot and counterplot; journeys to and fro in Europe: perils on ships and trains culminate in our hero finding himself in a sanitarium where, horror of horrors, he meets his young wife.

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f. Richard had been sent on a mission of the greatest importance--one involving, Monsieur Lefevre had told her, the honor of both his country and himself. And she was to share it--to take part in its excitement, its dangers. The thought stirred all her love of the mysterious, the unusual. After all, since she had become the wife of a man whose profession in life was the detection of crime, should she not herself take an interest, an active part in his work, and thereby encourage and assist him? The thought made her impatient of all delay--she felt herself almost trying to urge the train to quicker motion--she was glad when at last they roared into the station at Brussels.

Grace had never before been in the Belgian capital, but she summoned a cab, and proceeded without difficulty to the Hotel Metropole. Here she was assigned to a small suite, and at once began to unpack the steamer trunk which was the only baggage she had brought with her. It was after four o'clock when she had completed this task, and

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Fairly good espionage novella. The plot is contrived but entertaining. None of the characters really stand out, they are formulaic for the time. Persistent police, evil villains, and a woman in harm's way.
I agree with the previous review. Its story has a realistic plot and the characters are all as real as life.
Its a very good book. I recommend it.
Greg B.
No matter what words I use in praise of this story I will find my self unable to do complete justice to it. The plot is just mind blowing. I have just read 2 stories of Arnold Fredricks in which Richard Duvall was a character and I am already in love with the character. I don't understand why the character did not become as famous as Sherelock Holmes or Hercule Pirot. Richard Duvall is very shrewd, intelligent and lively, a complete genious, loves his wife Grace a lot who assists him in this adventure of his. A marvellous story. Please someone pass it to some great directors or producers to make it into a movie. I bet with all my heart it will be a record breaking hit. Unfortunately MANYBOOKS.NET has got only 2 novels with Duvall as a hero. I'll request them to include more of such novels. I still can't believe that such great literature hasn't yet attracted the attention of millions of readers and the global movie world.