The Shadow Over Innsmouth

The Shadow Over Innsmouth


(5 Reviews)
The Shadow Over Innsmouth by H. P. Lovecraft









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The Shadow Over Innsmouth


(5 Reviews)
The story describes a strange hybrid race, half-human and half an unknown creature that resembles a cross between a fish and a frog, that dwells in the seaside village of Innsmouth (formerly a large town, but lately fallen into disrepair).--Wikipedia

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there was some discreetly veiled evidence that a number of Poles and Portuguese who had tried it had been scattered in a peculiarly drastic fashion.

Most interesting of all was a glancing reference to the strange jewelry vaguely associated with Innsmouth. It had evidently impressed the whole countryside more than a little, for mention was made of specimens in the museum of Miskatonic University at Arkham, and in the display room of the Newburyport Historical Society. The fragmentary descriptions of these things were bald and prosaic, but they hinted to me an undercurrent of persistent strangeness. Something about them seemed so odd and provocative that I could not put them out of my mind, and despite the relative lateness of the hour I resolved to see the local sample - said to be a large, queerly-proportioned thing evidently meant for a tiara - if it could possibly be arranged.

The librarian gave me a note of introduction to the curator of the Society, a Miss Anna Tilton, who lived nearby, and

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I have read everything by H.P. Lovecraft and \"The Shadow Over Innsmouth\" stands out as one his most satisfying works, but my synopsis would be more like this:

\"The story describes a man who finds himself stranded in a half-deserted town with strange inhabitants. They look human - mostly, but there is something odd about their eyes and their behavior. The man is both repelled and drawn the horror as it has unspeakable effects on him.\"
I haven't read this ebook yet but I've read a book from another author that has the same story; the deep ones.. the Innsmouth look; it was fascinating and I almost believed it.. I'm sure I'm going to love this ebook too!!!
A young man comes to New England to tour various towns on his vacation. To save money, he forgoes taking the train to the next town and decides to take a bus instead. The locals tell him that the bus stops at the town of Innsmouth before it goes on to his desired destination. They tell him about the weird rumors concerning that town and its inhabitants, but he takes the bus anyway. What's the worst that can happen? He soon finds out.

If you like this story, check out Neil Gaiman's Lovecraft satire "Shoggoth's Old Peculiar" as he reads it on YouTube ( in 3 parts) :
One of Lovecraft's best horror stories. As the story progresses you will almost feel and share the narrator's unease and, eventually terror. Contains one of the finest 'chase' scenes in horror literature.
Nobody does brooding horror like Lovecraft and The Shadow Over Innsmouth is brilliantly constructed as a story. Innsmouth pops up in several of Lovecraft's other stories so this is a good place to start if you are new to his work. A strange and brilliant piece of horror writing that has remained very fresh, unlike the folk of Innsmouth..