Half a Rogue

Half a Rogue


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Half a Rogue by Harold MacGrath







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Half a Rogue


(2 Reviews)
"Here are dexterity of plot, glancing play at witty talk, characters really human and humanly real, spirit and gladness, freshness and quick movement. 'Half a Rogue' is as brisk as a horseback ride on a glorious morning. It is as varied as an April day. It is as charming as two most charming girls can make it. Love and honor and success and all the great things worth fighting for and living for the involved in 'Half a Rogue.'"--Phila. Press.

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ld itself to his gaze?

The house was situated in Central Park, West. It was of modern architecture, a residence such as only rich men can afford to build. It was in utter gloom; not a single light could be seen at any window. It looked, indeed, as if tragedy sat enthroned within. Warrington's spine wrinkled a bit as he got out of the cab and offered his hand to the girl.

Mute and mysterious as a sphinx, the girl walked to the steps, not even looking around to see if he was coming after her. Perhaps she knew the power of curiosity. Without hesitance she mounted the steps; he followed, a step behind. At the door, however, she paused. He could hear her breath coming in quick gasps. Oddly enough, the recollection of some detective stories flashed through his mind.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Nothing, nothing; only I am afraid."

She stooped; there was a grating sound, a click, and the door opened. Warrington was a man of courage, but he afterward confessed that it took all his nerve force to move his f


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A slow, meticulous, solid social narrative about an unscrupulous local
politician aided by a corrupt union leader set to destroy his political
So solid and slow is narrative that it leaves you indifferent or, in the
best case, yawning.
There is also a mild satyre of provintial gossiping ladies, all very
traditional and not too amusing.
Add to this two very, very sweet romances very, very sweetly narrated.
Old times social criticism of the corrupt unions with too much "poetic"
rhetorical dissertations. You can't disagree with it but you've already
seen too much of the same and better done.
Obviously, mistakenly included in Mystery/Detective.
This novel is one of the best I have read in a long time. Each character is brilliantly drawn, each suspense is actually suspenseful. The end of every climax was very satisfying. highly recommend this book. Very well executed!