Deviations: Destiny

Deviations: Destiny


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Deviations: Destiny by Elissa Malcohn





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Deviations: Destiny


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Unrest simmers in the region. Repeated acts of sabotage threaten Promontory's Destiny supply, while Crossroads teeters on the brink of bankruptcy. Bent on destroying Destiny Farm, TripStone arrives in Promontory as an advance scout for Gria's forces. But the more she learns about that city and its history, the more she doubts her mission. And the more she learns about BrushBurn, the more her feelings for him tear her apart. Unaware of the mission, Ghost fears TripStone dead as he struggles to protect his new family. The very people hiding them are under pressure to unlock Destiny's secrets, giving Masari control of the drug… … while back in Crossroads, HigherBrook must find a way to save his people as they face certain invasion.

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she might be secretive and obstinate, but she was not slanderous.

That had been his job.

The soldiers guarding Gria's door looked questioningly at the farmers, but deferred to HigherBrook's request for an audience and sent a message to their general. RootWing and DewLeaf were not complete strangers to Basc. As advisors, they had helped set up the planting fields.

Gria arrived after a considerable wait, flushed and begrimed, her salt-and-pepper hair slick with sweat. She smelled of gunpowder.

The warrior blinked away tears when DewLeaf proffered the soft bag containing Erta's bones. Gria turned smartly on her heel and led them to the inner chamber of her hut. There, she eased the bones down and lit a lamp beside them, whispering a brief prayer.

HigherBrook frowned at her angular profile. Gria had led the massacre to destroy the Covenant. Her piety now was unsettling.

She asked, "Has TripStone left Crossroads?" and then studied them all to establish agreement on their

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