Martin Hewitt, Investigator

Martin Hewitt, Investigator


(3 Reviews)
Martin Hewitt, Investigator by Arthur Morrison







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Martin Hewitt, Investigator


(3 Reviews)
The Lenton Croft RobberiesThe Loss of Sammy CrockettThe Case of Mr. FoggattThe Case of the Dixon TorpedoThe Quinton Jewel AffairThe Stanway Cameo MysteryThe Affair of the Tortoise

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was in sight of it--which was almost all the time. As to the window, the sash-line had broken that very morning, and Mrs. Armitage had propped open the bottom half about eight or ten inches with a brush; and, when she returned, that brush, sash, and all were exactly as she had left them. Now I scarcely need tell you what an awkward job it must have been for anybody to get noiselessly in at that unsupported window; and how unlikely he would have been to replace it, with the brush, exactly as he found it."

"Just so. I suppose the brooch, was really gone? I mean, there was no chance of Mrs. Armitage having mislaid it?"

"Oh, none at all! There was a most careful search."

"Then, as to getting in at the window, would it have been easy?"

"Well, yes," Sir James replied; "yes, perhaps it would. It was a first-floor window, and it looks over the roof and skylight of the billiard-room. I built the billiard-room myself--built it out from a smoking-room just at this corner. It would b


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Good cases, all about seemingly impossible crimes swiftly resolved by an observant detective.
But in some cases you can see the solution too early.
The narrative is dry, the tone is monotonously grave.
The characters are sketchy and the plots are always too straightforward, the detective never knows mistakes or doubts.
The Lenton Croft Robberies: Not the best on the list. It was solved far too quickly to be believable.

The Loss of Sammy Crockett: Much better. Martin Hewitt solves this one based on piecing together a torn note and clandestinely obtaining a sample of the suspect's handwriting.

The Case of Mr. Foggatt: This one was very good. Hewitt daringly takes damning evidence away right under the suspect's nose.

The Case of the Dixon Torpedo: The best on the list. Secret plans are stolen and the hiding place is very clever on the part of the criminals.

The Quinton Jewel Affair Also a good one. Probably the third best on the list.

The Stanway Cameo Mystery A quick story, but with a very surprising twist towards the end.

The Affair of the Tortoise I did not like this one, due to its insulting theme. In addition to that, the plot itself was very weak.
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Nice light read. The stories are puzzling and the solutions are believable. At times the author does not give you all the information to be able to solve the mystery yourself but reveals important information at the end of the story. None the less the stories are good and fun to read.