The Affair of the 'Avalanche Bicycle and Tyre, Co., Ltd.'

The Affair of the 'Avalanche Bicycle and Tyre, Co., Ltd.'


(2 Reviews)
The Affair of the 'Avalanche Bicycle and Tyre, Co., Ltd.' by Arthur Morrison





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The Affair of the 'Avalanche Bicycle and Tyre, Co., Ltd.'


(2 Reviews)

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e triplet, failing to clear, wavered and swung, and crashed over and along the track too. All three machines and six men were involved in one complicated smash.

Everybody rushed across the grass, the trainer first. Then the cause of the disaster was seen. Lying on its side on the track, with men and bicycles piled over and against it, was one of the green painted light iron garden-chairs that had been standing in the enclosure. The triplet men were struggling to their feet, and though much cut and shaken, seemed the least hurt of the lot. One of the men of the tandem was insensible, and Gillett, who from his position had got all the worst of it, lay senseless too, badly cut and bruised, and his left arm was broken.

The trainer was cursing and tearing his hair. "If I knew; who'd done this," Stedman cried, "I'd pulp him with that chair!"

"Oh, that betting, that betting!" wailed Mr. Mallows, hopping about distractedly; "see what it leads people into doing! It can't have been an acci

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Plot bullets

Bicycles are a big thing at the time of this story.
There is money to be made for anything relating to bicycles.
Bicycle races are the rage..
A winning bicycle can make or brake a bicycle company.
How far will some companies go to win?
Is there more to the story.

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