Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy


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Rogue Legacy by Jeffrey L. Kohanek







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Rogue Legacy


(0 Reviews)
A destructive magic, a corrupt regime, an insidious plot...and the rogue who stood in the way.
"Engaging from start to finish. I was constantly wanting to read what was going to happen next." - Amazon ★★★★★

Meet Lyra:
An orphan
A thief
A liar
A bard
A warrior
A princess
...A rogue
When tragedy strikes, Lyra runs for her life...directly into the hands of fate. Destiny places her at the heart of a plot to overthrow the rulers of Issalia.

She must help thwart this twisted scheme.

Joined by a man armed with powerful magic and a soldier who wields an enchanted weapon, the trio must face the most fearsome force the world has ever known. Even if they survive this epic confrontation, the future is not secure...
...for the threats surrounding Lyra do not end there.

History often forgets the details, and sometimes, history forgets the truth. Lyra's tale reveals what truly happened hundreds of years before The Runes of Issalia series takes place.

Within these pages, resides her legacy.

The Princess Bride meets Forrest Gump in this thrilling adventure about a teen whose resilient spirit helped to change her world.
Jacob Paul Patchen - A Story That Rallies Your Spirit and Lifts Your Soul
FEATURED AUTHOR - Jacob Paul Patchen is a multi-award-winning author and poet of various genres and age groups. He writes children's, teen, young adult, and adult fiction. His books often reflect on real-life experiences, examine what makes us who we are, and instill goodness. For Jacob, every book has a purpose. Patchen earns his inspiration through experience, where he writes about the things that built him: Love, Family, War, and Learning things the hard way. A former Marine and combat veteran, Jacob… Read more