The Late Mrs. Null

The Late Mrs. Null


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The Late Mrs. Null by Frank R. Stockton





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The Late Mrs. Null


(1 Review)

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side in the utterly attractionless cottage at the Green Sulphur Springs, and rode over every day to the very attractive house at Midbranch, that the points mentioned in the previous chapter might get themselves reversed. He was a man who was proud of being, under all circumstances, frank and honest with himself. He did not wish, if it could be avoided, to deceive other people, but he was prudent and careful about exhibiting his motives and intended course of action to his associates. Himself, however, he took into his strictest confidence. He was fond of the idea that he went into the battle of life covered and protected by a great shield, but that the inside of the shield was a mirror in which he could always see himself. Looking into this mirror, he now saw that, if he did not soon get away from Miss Roberta, he would lay down his shield and surrender, and it was his intent that this should not happen until he wished it to happen.

It was very natural when Lawrence reached New York, that he should take pl

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(1886) Humor (Situation) / Romance

R: * * * 8

Plot bullets

A man wants to insure that his prospective fiance has no current attachments.
He goes to a unique bureau that supposedly can find information about anything. He wants information about the girl's former suitor.
His problems have just started. Not only are the bureaus claims much exaggerated, but a girl that works there seems to take on a personal interest. Not in the man but his mission.
The man moves to the country to be near the woman he loves and in hopes of meeting and dealing with his former rival.
There are many unexpected connections with which to deal, the girl he loves, his former suitor, the bureau girl living under an assumed name, as Mrs. Null and the most formidable, that girl's aunt.
We have two couples that are mismatched, family feuds, hidden and misplaced affections and there is still that aunt that works plans of her own.
Null is a zero value at best. The bureau girl becomes a prime player as she pursues her deception as 'The Late Mrs Null'.