Crooken Sands

Crooken Sands


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Crooken Sands by Bram Stoker







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Crooken Sands


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limbed it, and, sitting there elevated some fifteen or twenty feet over the waste of sand, enjoyed the lovely, peaceful prospect. The moon was rising behind the headland of Pennyfold, and its light was just touching the top of the furthermost rock of the Spurs some three-quarters of a mile out; the rest of the rocks were in dark shadow. As the moon rose over the headland, the rocks of the Spurs and then the beach by degrees became flooded with light.

For a good while Mr. Markam sat and looked at the rising moon and the growing area of light which followed its rise. Then he turned and faced eastwards, and sat with his chin in his hand looking seawards, and revelling in the peace and beauty and freedom of the scene. The roar of London--the darkness and the strife and weariness of London life--seemed to have passed quite away, and he lived at the moment a freer and higher life. He looked at the glistening water as it stole its way over the flat waste of sand, coming closer and closer insensibly--the tide

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A surprising story from Stoker: funny, with the occult explained away at the end.
A rich Cockney businessman buys a vacation mansion on the coast of Scotland. He has a complete Highland costume made, which he wears while in Scotland, much to the horror of his family and the amusement of the locals.
After being saved from quicksand, he becomes obsessed with the idea that he had met his doppelganger.
Good characterizations, descriptions, and an interesting puzzle.
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