The Stowmarket Mystery

The Stowmarket Mystery
Or, A Legacy of Hate


(6 Reviews)
The Stowmarket Mystery by Louis Tracy







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The Stowmarket Mystery
Or, A Legacy of Hate


(6 Reviews)
Featuring Reginald Brett, Barrister Detective, an insightful, Sherlockian investigator. (Also published as "A Fatal Legacy" in the U.K.)

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ained that you had a vivid dream, in which you saw your cousin stabbed by a stranger whom you did not know, whose face even you never saw. Sir Alan was undoubtedly murdered. The dagger-like attachment to your Japanese sword had been driven into his breast up to the hilt, actually splitting his heart. To deliver such a blow, with such a weapon, required uncommon strength and skill. I think I describe it here as 'un-English.'"

Brett referred to his scrap-book. In spite of himself, he felt all his old interest reawakening in this remarkable crime.

"Yes?" queried Hume.

The barrister, his lips pursed up and critical, surveyed his concluding notes.

"You were tried at the ensuing Assizes, and the jury disagreed. Your second trial resulted in an acquittal, though the public attitude towards you was dubious. The judge, in summing up, said that the evidence against you 'might be deemed insufficient.' In these words he conveyed the popular opinion. I see I have noted here that Miss Margaret H


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Barrister / detective Reginald Brett requires all his considerable powers of observation and deduction in this excellent murder mystery. Strong characters, lots of action, highly recommended.
Iin this excellent and exciting mystery/thriller, barrister and detective Reginald Brett takes on the case of David Hume-Frazier. Though acquitted 18 months earlier of the murder of his baronet cousin, David still lives under a cloud: No one else has been accused of the crime; his fiancee's father has called off their marriage; his own father, next in line for the baronet's title, has refused to accede; he has returned from abroad ashamed to use his own name. David claims the mystery is supernatural, recounting a dream and a family legend, but after a few red herrings, the real murderer tries to kill David and other members of the family. Very well written, and a real page turner!
A delightful mystery from 1909 about a lawyer's client accused of murder who is trying to clear his good name. The story requires the reader to learn about the history of a family and the history of a quaint English village. My best advice is don't read this book when you're tired to avoid confusion! Lot of characters, locations and events - but well worth it at the end. Enjoy!
An entertaining mystery that I enjoyed reading though in the middle I got a little confused. Still one of the better mysteries I have read.
I really enjoyed this mystery. Reginald Brett is very suave and debonair, the story itself is quite complex, and even though you know Brett will triumph in the end, the story keeps you wanting to read more. I liked it so much that I just downloaded the Albert Gate Mystery (further adventures of Reginald Brett, barrister detective). Enjoy!