The First Day of Spring

The First Day of Spring


(2 Reviews)
The First Day of Spring by Mari Wolf





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The First Day of Spring


(2 Reviews)
Here is a love story of two young people who met under the magic of festival time. One was Trina, whose world was a gentle make-believe Earth. The other was Max, handsome spaceman, whose world was the infinite universe of space....

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yes, and then she turned back to Max.

"Do people live all over the planet?"

"On most of it. The land sections, that is. Of course, up by the poles it's too cold."

"But how do they know each other?"

He stopped walking and stared at her, not understanding for a minute. Girl's laughter came from the bushes, and the soft urging voice of one of the village boys. Max looked back at the fishermen and then down at Trina and shook his head.

"They don't all know each other," he said. "They couldn't."

She thought of New Chile, where her cousin Isobelle was married last year, and New India, which would follow them soon to the planet, because Captain Bernard had been able to contact them by radio. She thought of her people, her friends, and then she remembered the spacemen's far flung ships and the homes they burrowed deep in the rock of inhospitable worlds. She knew that he would never understand why she pitied the people of this system.

"I suppose we'll see them soon," sh

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An okay story by Wolf. Explorer spacecraft have found the perfect world for the New America interstellar colonists to settle. Or would they be stupid to settle anywhere?

Trina, Max and Elias are good characters, the plot moves along to a reasonable conclusion, and some of the decription is sharp.