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George MacDonald is a deeply inspirational writer from the late 1800s who laid the foundation for the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. His stories are Christian principles bound in the clothing of myth and legend.

Lillith is the story of an orphaned man who finds the truths to his origins and the purpose of his life. It is a fantasy filled with strange and curious images that at first confuse. It is best read straight through without digging too deeply for meaning and revelation of the symbols which may prove more confusing. MacDonald reveals that meaning as the story unfolds.

A hauntingly wonderful book for anyone who appreciates a good adventure story of fantasy.
George MacDonald was an inspiration to such authors as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien and other inklings. His blend of fantastic imagery with Christian principles produce strong mythic fairytales that I regret not having read sooner. The stories have strong meaning and truth behind them. A word of caution, however, as these stories contain some strong imagery and violence in places that could be disturbing to young children (your teens will love it!).

The Light Princess features a story of self-sacrifice, love, and hope in the darkest hour. The light princess captures the essence of every fairytale ever told in the story of a prince who is willing to forgo even his own life for the love and happiness of his princess.

The Gian\'ts Heart features a story of determination and industry. Two young children stumble into a world of giants and teach a child-eating giant a lesson.

The final story of The Golden Key is a beautiful romance of nature and two children growing up in love.

His stories are best read without regard to finding hidden meaning or allegory. Just take the journey, the lessons will reveal themselves in the author\'s own timing.
Brennan McPherson - Imaginative Biblical Fiction with Heart-Pounding Plots
FEATURED AUTHOR - Brennan McPherson writes imaginative biblical fiction with heart-pounding plots and lyrical prose for readers who like to think biblically and feel deeply. As our Author of the Day, he tells us about his book, Eden. Please give us a short introduction to what Eden is about. Eden is the story of the beginning of life, as told by the guilt-wracked father of humanity, Adam.