9 Books That Will Soothe The Pain of Heartbreak

9 Books That Will Soothe The Pain of Heartbreak

Feeling heartbroken or depressed? Are you experiencing loss? The good news is that there is a book for every heartbreak: books can dim the pain with humor, provide hope in a happy ending or just make you feel like you are not alone. Here's a list of books that come highly recommended when you are feeling down:


1. The Breakup Bible

by Rachel Sussman


A breakup can be heart wrenching, but unfortunately it is something that most women have to deal with at some stage in their lives.  The pain that women experience in that period after a serious relationship had come to an end can be really excruciating. It however doesn't mean that the pain should take over your life. There is hope through it all and the Breakup Bible was written to help you get back on track.  In this book, Rachel Sussman shares the secrets every woman needs to know to help her move on. Sussman has identified and developed a revolutionary 3-phase healing plan that will help women across the world to get on with life. The book gets rave reviews across the board from Goodreads, Amazon, Kobo and more.


2. How to Heal a Broken Heart in 30 Days: a Day-by-Day Guide to Saying Good-Bye and Getting on With Life

by Howard Bronson and Mike Riley


Where many books will only help you feel better for a couple of hours, this one is meant as a practical guide to help you through every day. Bronson and Riley write about breakups in very practical daily pieces that are easy to understand and will help the heartbroken to process their emotions. If you feel you need a practical solution that will motivate you and make you feel more positive every day, this is the book for you.


3. Rabbit Hole

by David Lindsay-Abaire


You get many types of heartbreak, but losing your 4-year old child must be one of the most devastating things a person can go through. This famous play by Pulitzer prize winner David Lindsay-Abaire takes you through the daily struggles and emotional setbacks of a family that experiences this tragedy. Rabbit Hole is a story not only of loss and heartbreak, but also one of forgiveness and closure. If you feel like reading the play would be too much effort, you can also watch the motion picture film based on this book.


4. Dept. of Speculation

by Jenny Offill


Offill's Dept of Speculation is a breath of fresh air that stirs up a lot of mixed emotions. It is psychologically complicated, funny and moving - all at the same time. It shows marriage as it is and touches on the mysteries of faith, trust, knowledge and intimacy. If you struggle to see through the other side of your despair, this smartly written book will show you that there is a way. It is a book that is easy to read in one sitting, but also offers meditations and emotional insights that will make you think about things long after you have finished the book.


5. He Loved Me, He Loves Me Not

by Lynn Harris


This humorous take on breakups is sure to make you feel better about life. Harris knows everything people go through after a breakup and describes all of the emotions spot-on: resentment, loneliness, guilt, doubt and also a sense of relief. If you want to know how to survive a breakup with dignity, some laughs and even your things, this is the book to read.


6. Eat Pray Love

by Elizabeth Gilbert


If you haven't read the book yet, now is the time. You will be able to identify with the author's story of in getting wrapped up in love, obligations and losing yourself in them. Through the heartache you need to somehow find yourself again and start the healing process.


7. Getting Past Your Break-Up: How to Turn a Devastating Loss Into the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You

by Susan J. Elliot, JD, MSEd


If you want a no-nonsense, practical guide on how to survive a breakup, this book is just the cure you need. Elliot gives very practical tips on how to deal with a breakup without falling back into a very dysfunctional relationship. Getting Past Your Break-Up is extremely useful for those of us who need very concrete advice on which steps to take on your path to healing.


8. Going Away Shoes

by Jill McCorkle


 McCorkle's stories are cleverly woven and encouraging. They focus a lot on moving on: making it through every day, having a drink, getting back to life. Whether the women in these stories are wearing glass slippers, honeymoon shoes or mud-covered boots - they are making their path to a place of new awareness in some way or another. They make plenty of mistakes, but they don't waste their lives hiding behind them. These women may be sad, but they are strong, funny and in the process of moving on.


9. The Alchemist

by Paulo Coelho


The Alchemist is the perfect book to read when you are feeling a bit down. It is a story of transformation, of destiny and discovering your way in life. It helps to get our life into perspective, opening your mind to learning and realizing that your grief isn't all there is. That there is much more out there to pursue.

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