Books Like The Girl On The Train

Books Like The Girl On The Train

An unreliable narrator, psychological mystery, nail biting suspense and compelling characters are just some of the reasons why readers couldn't get enough of The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. After its release in 2015, it quickly became a bestseller and even the film adaptation won over audiences. If you are one of the millions of readers who couldn't get enough of the book, there is some good news. Although The Girl on The Train is a brilliant novel, there are also plenty of other mystery and thriller titles that share some similarities with it. Check out any of the following books if you are looking for stories that are like The Girl on The Train.

Gone Girl

by Gillian Flynn

gone girl cover

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is probably the book that is the most similar in tone to The Girl on The Train. Gone Girl was actually published before The Girl on The Train, which has prompted many readers to credit it with the popularity of the genre. It is about a couple, Nick and Amy, who go through some marital difficulties. When Amy vanishes without a trace on the date of their wedding anniversary, all the evidence appears to point towards Nick being the culprit. It is a suspenseful tale and a must read for fans of The Girl on The Train.


by Calia Read


Unravel is the tale of Naomi Carradine, a woman who was admitted into a psych ward against her will. Naomi misses a man named Max who she believes she is in love with, but who everyone else tells her is not real. The problem is that she already had a man named Lachlan in her life before being committed. Then there is her best friend Lana, who is another piece of the puzzle. The story is told from Naomi's point of view, but takes place in the past as well as present and readers can never really be sure how reliable she is, which makes for a thrilling read. And, just like The Girl on The Train, the plot twists and startling revelations also keep on coming, which makes it a real page turner. 

Try Not To Breathe

by Holly Seddon

try not to breathe

Although Try Not To Breathe by Holly Seddon was released in 2016, the author started writing the book in 2010 already. Nevertheless, it has a similar feel to The Girl on The Train, but without feeling like a novel that is just trying to cash in on the popularity of the genre. Try No To Breathe is the tale of Amy, a girl who spent fifteen years in a coma after being raped and left for dead. Trapped in her own body and unable to do anything except relive the past, the only hope for Amy to have any type of justice is Alex, a freelance journalist. The only problem is that Alex is an alcoholic who has her own demons to battle. Her obsession with discovering the truth behind what happened to Amy gives Alex a new purpose in life, but also opens her up to the same danger.

Before I Go to Sleep

by S. J. Watson

before I go to sleep

One of the things that made The Girl on The Train so compelling to read was the unreliable narrator who kept readers on their toes. Before I Go to Sleep by S. J. Watson follows a similar path, but it is because the protagonist suffers from anterograde amnesia. This means that she wakes up every morning without any memories of who she is and must rely on a journal that she has been keeping to reconstruct her memories. Through the journal and explanations from her husband, she discovers who she is and what happened to her, but things become really intriguing when she begins to have doubts about how truthful these revelations really are.

The Secrets You Keep

by Kate White

The Secrets You Keep

In The Secrets You Keep by Kate White, she introduces us to an accomplished self-help author named Bryn Harper. Bryn is left severely traumatized after a serious car accident and suffers from regular nightmares afterwards. At least she has the support of her husband, Guy, but things between them become very tense after they move into a new house together. When a series of murders begins occurring in town, Bryn realizes that her nightmares may contain the clues needed to identify the murderer. Just like The Girl on The Train, The Secrets You Keep is another book that will keep you guessing right until the end.