Books Like Frankenstein

Books Like Frankenstein

Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus when she was only 18 years old, which is not bad for a novel that many consider to be the very first science fiction story. The influence of her book on the horror genre can also not be overstated and has been the inspiration for countless other films, plays, and stories. Despite the fact that the novel was published anonymously in 1818, its popularity has shown no signs of waning, which makes it one of the true classics of literature. The themes that Shelley explored in Frankenstein are also ones that continue to be used by modern authors. If you are a fan of Victor Frankenstein and the monster that he created, then have a look at some other books like Frankenstein.

R.U.R (Rossum's Universal Robots)

by Karel Capek

R.U.R (Rossum's Universal Robots)

R.U.R was published a hundred years after Frankenstein, but like Mary Shelley's novel, it also had a huge impact on popular culture. This novel is also groundbreaking for another reason as it was the first to introduce the word "robot" to the public. R.U.R is the story of humanity creating robots to provide themselves with a Utopian life. However, this results in humans lacking meaning in their lives and it reaches a point where they stop reproducing. Like Frankenstein's creature, the robots eventually turn on their masters. However, after killing their creators, it leaves the robots in the position of having to learn the secret of self-duplication.

Man Made Boy

by Jon Skovron

Man Made Boy by Jon Skovron

For readers who enjoyed Frankenstein, but want something a little more heartwarming and less creepy, there is Man Made Boy by Jon Skovron. It is the tale of a seventeen-year-old boy, named simply, Boy. He is the son of Frankenstein’s monster and the Bride of Frankenstein and lives in the catacombs beneath Time Square along with a group of monsters and creatures. To make a living, these monsters and creatures perform as a theater troupe, but Boy and his parents are treated as outcasts among the mythical and magical creatures because of their more scientific nature. Boy is unable to endure this treatment for much longer, so he runs away but encounters even greater difficulties in the process. Man Made Boy is a book with memorable characters and plenty of heartwarming moments that will appeal to monster fans.

The Island of Doctor Moreau

by H.G. Wells

The Island of Doctor Moreau by H. G. Wells

Whereas Frankenstein was about a man attempting to create life by splicing together body parts from different cadavers, The Island of Doctor Moreau is about a man attempting to create new life forms by splicing together men and animals. The story unfolds through the eyes of Edward Prendick, who ends up shipwrecked and abandoned on a remote island. Prendick soon discovers that the island is home to Dr. Moreau, a scientist who was regarded as a genius until his twisted experiments were discovered. Things become direr for Prendick when he realizes that Moreau plans on adding him to his grisly collection. With no other choice, Prendick flees into the jungle, which is where he discovers all the unnatural creatures created by Moreau.

Spare and Found Parts

by Sarah Maria Griffin

Spare and Found Parts by Sarah Maria Griffin

A theme that was mentioned in the original novel and expanded in the film sequel, Bride of Frankenstein, is that of Frankenstein creating a mate for his creature out of parts and an artificial brain. Spare and Found Parts by Sarah Maria Griffin is set in a city where everyone is missing body parts after surviving a devastating epidemic. The protagonist is a girl named Nell, who is an outsider because unlike everyone else with their biomechanical limbs, she is the only one with a biomechanical heart. Driven by loneliness, Nell comes up with the plan of building her own companion after finding a mannequin's hand that has washed up on the beach. Unfortunately, she lives in a world that now fears advanced technology and her quest also leads her to uncover some disturbing secrets about her city as well as her father. It is definitely a very Frankenstein-esque tale, despite it's dark, dystopian setting.

This Monstrous Thing

by Mackenzi Lee

This Monstrous Thing by Mackenzi Lee

This Monstrous Thing by Mackenzi Lee is a very interesting novel as it not only draws its inspiration from Frankenstein, but the Mary Shelley novel actually plays a role in the story too. It is set in an alternative fantasy world where society relies on steam power and clockwork parts. However, a young mechanic named Alasdair Finch goes too far after the death of his brother, Oliver, by attempting to use clockwork pieces to bring him back from the dead. Although Alasdair succeeds in resurrecting Oliver, he finds that his brother has returned more monster than man. Then, the novel Frankenstein is published, which puts a target on the brothers as the townsfolk sees them as the real-life version of the doctor and his monstrous creation.

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein

by Kiersten White

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White

There have been numerous retelling of Frankenstein, but one of the most popular is The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White. The author took Elizabeth, a character who was mostly passive in the original tale, and gives her a story of her own that is filled with emotional depth. Fans of the Mary Shelley Novel will know that Elizabeth was taken in by the Frankenstein household as a child and later becomes the fiancé of Victor. This book tells of her determination to survive, no matter what the cost, even as the world she knows is consumed by the madness of Victor. The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein is a great tribute to the original novel and a fantastic tale in its own right.