Books of the Month February 2019

Books of the Month February 2019

Readers have been spoilt for choice in January in terms of great books and February continued this trend. Here are the top books for each category that have been keeping the Manybooks readers glued to their pages throughout February. 

Best Romance 

A SEAL's Oath 
by Cora Seton


The best romances are always between the most unlikely couples and A SEAL's Oath is no exception. The smoldering love interest in this book is Boone Rudman, a handsome navy seal who has set his sights on a woman named Riley Eaton. However, Rudman's aren't exactly honorable initially, as he just wants to find a wife and get her pregnant in order to get his hands of some prime Montana ranch land. The last thing Riley has on her mind is marriage, but will she be able to resist the charms of Boone and does she really become more to him than just a means to an end? Read this compelling romance to find out all the answers. 

Best Action & Adventure

A Man Too Old for a Place Too Far 
by Mark W Sasse


A Man Too Old for a Place Too Far is not your typical action and adventure book. Not only is the protagonist a seventy two year old man named Francis Frick, but he is also not the most caring person in the world. Unfortunately for Frick, he is visited by a small, flying being named Bee who is convinced that Frick is just the man to help her save a forgotten child of history. It is thanks to Bee that Frick ends up on a journey through the past where lands up in a couple of very dangerous historical situations. The story is filled with magical realism, time travel and, of course, plenty of action and adventure. 

Best Mystery & Thriller

Bone Maker 
by D. F. Bailey


Bone Maker is a nail biting thriller about Will Finch, a crime reporter who is eager for a fresh start after his spirit was broken by a family tragedy. However, Finch soon finds himself having to cover the brutal death of a man who was a witness to some serious fraud. The story takes him to a small town in Oregon where Finch discovers that there are some things that doesn't add up. Not only is Bone Maker a thrilling book that will keep you guessing all the way, but it is also the first in a fantastic series that you will want to check out, so be prepared to dive straight into the other books after reading this one. 

Best Biography 

The Secret of Israel's Power 
by Uzi Eilam

The Secret of Israel's Power is a great book for anyone who has ever been curious about how such a small country has been able to do so much with their limited assets. The author of this book, Uzi Eilam, is a legend in his own right thanks to his bravery and resourcefulness in battle. His involvement with the Israeli armed forces has also made possible for him to write an insider point of view that few other authors could achieve. There are not many books out there that are able to describe important events in history from the perspective of a key figure, which makes this one a must read. 

Best Children's Book

Poseidon's Storm Blaster (The Legend of Pineapple Cove, Book 1) 
by Marina J Bowman


Poseidon's Storm Blaster is a great fantasy adventure for children who are between the ages of six and eleven. It is filled with characters that are related for kids in this age category as well as some cute animal companions to entertain them. The book features more than enough action and adventures to keep kids spellbound right to the end, but also ensures that they learn some valuable life lessons. To top it all off, Poseidon's Storm Blaster is also filled with beautiful illustrations. 

Best Young Adult 

Late Summer Monarch 
by Angela Welch Prusia


Bullying is something that everyone from children to teens and even young adults have to deal with, which makes Late Summer Monarch a very relateable book. It is about Darby Fletcher, a girl from a small town who attempts to help a friend Keaton, but ends up having to perform community service as a result of her actions. Everything seems simple enough as she has to help turn an old mansion into a bed & breakfast, but become considerably more complicated when she discovers a classmate hiding in the action of the building. Darby is faced with the choice between befriending the struggling girl who is treated like an outcast at school or sticking with Keaton, who appears to value popularity more than his friendship with Darby. 

Best Fantasy 

The Finding 
by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson


The Finding is a great fantasy novel that has been described as Harry Potter meets Eragon, so you can be sure it features plenty of dragons and magic. In an interesting twist, it is humans that have been extinct for centuries and not dragons. However, the dragons were once humans and have been trapped in their current form by a terrible curse. In addition to the dragons, the world is also filled with elves and other magical creatures, but one day a human infant is discovered, much to the amazement of everyone. The girl is named Jahrra and she is raised by an adoptive family who tries to keep her heritage secret, but as with all good fantasy books, destiny has big plans for her. 

Best Historical Fiction

The Dolan Girls
by SR Mallery


The Wild West is always a popular setting for historical fiction and in The Dolan Girls by S.R. Mallery we get to experience Nebraska of the early 19th century. This was not an easy time or place for women and this story makes it clear what type of resilience and strength was required to survive. Of course, it wasn't all doom and gloom, so The Dolan Girls also feature some romance to keep things interesting as well. Along with all the historical references, the book also contains plenty of recognizable characters, such as Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley. The compelling story and characters proves once again that her fans are right when they state that S.R. Mallerry brings history to life. 

Best Horror Book

I Died Yesterday (Dark Fiction Tales, Book 1) 
by Andy Graham


Horror stories always work well as anthologies where you can read through an entire tale each evening right before bedtime. In addition to I Died Yesterday, this book also features four other tales that are dark, disturbing, and gripping enough to keep you reading. These tales also have enough twists in them that you never know what to expect next. If you can handle intense tales and love horror, then this anthology by Andy Graham will have you hooked in no time.

Best Literary Fiction 

If You See Kay Bang 
by Quinn & Glasneck


If YOu See Kay Bang is a bawdy novel with irreverent humor that forms part of the "Badge Bunny Booze" series by the authors Quinn and Glasneck. This book is actually the fifth in the series, but since they are all stand-alone titles, there is no need to read them in order. However, you will want to check out the other books if you read this one as they are all as laugh out loud funny. This story features BJ and Kay, two friends who are rushing to friend's wedding in Texas. Of course, nothing goes as planned and soon dead bodies turn up, which causes problems, especially for Kay's brother, who is charged with murder.  

Best Science Fiction 

The Journal of James Halldon (Diary of the Displaced, Book 1) 
by Glynn James


It is not often that authors are able to bring together so many unique elements as Glynn James did with The Journal of James Halldon. The story combines elements of science fiction, horror, action, adventure, mystery, and much more, which ensures that there is never a dull moment and readers will always want to find out what happens next. The protagonist is James Halldon, a man who wakes up alone in the dark with no memories of how he got there or who he was. Unfortunately for James, he appears to be sharing the darkness with things that growl and it doesn't look like daytime will be coming anytime soon either. 

Best Non-Fiction 

How To Think Bigger 
by Martin Meadows


Setting easy goals for yourself might be satisfying in the short term, but it is those who dare to think bigger who enjoy the most long term success. How To Think Bigger is a non-fiction book that tackles this topic and busts a few myths about why some people appear to be naturally more ambitious than others. If you need the inspiration to not just think bigger, but to also accomplish those big goals, then Martin Meadows has got plenty of advice for you in this book. 

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