Books of the Month October 2023

Books of the Month October 2023

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For most people, October is about Halloween and candy, but our readers know a good book or two is also essential for this month. These are the best books among the different categories that our readers have been treating themselves to during the month of October. 


Best Romance

Sweet Attractions

By Susan Warner

Sweet Attractions by Susan Warner

Sweet Attractions is the first novel in the Love Happens series of small-town romance novels by Susan Warner. It is the story of Lydia Mason, an attorney who years to be known as more than the mayor’s daughter, and Ethan Young, a real estate mogul who earned his wealth the hard way. Lydia vows to step up and come to the rescue when her tiny municipality falls on tough times and the arrival of Ethan, a former classmate turned millionaire, seems to be the answer. However, Ethan is reluctant to help Lydia as the judgmental community was the reason he left in the first place. Lydia also has an uphill battle convincing the resistant townsfolk to accept Ethan’s cash, but he proposes a plan to win their approval, which involves pretending he and Lydia are an item.


Best Action & Adventure

Eye Kill

By Ido Graf

Eye Kill by Ido Graf

Eye Kill is the first book in the Adam Wolf Thriller Series by Ido Graf. The protagonist, Adam Wolf, is a US Marine sniper on tour in Afghanistan when he is drawn back to the States following a tragedy. Although he is supremely good at killing he has only ever killed for his country. However, this changes when Adam is pulled into a web of lies and intrigue where he must risk death and dishonor as well as the lives of those he loves. 


Best Mystery & Thriller

Ghost Mortem

By Jane Hinchey

Ghost Mortem by Jane Hinchey

Ghost Mortem is book one in the Ghost Detective series by Jane Hinchey. Audrey Fitzgerald didn’t believe in the paranormal until the ghost of her best friend turned up at her apartment. He doesn’t know how he died but suspects foul play, which is why he wants Audrey to help find his killer. In the process, Audrey discovers that she has a secret talent for sleuthing, but is conflicted about accepting help from Detective Kade Galloway of the Firefly Bay PD. On the one hand, he is smoking hot, but on the other, he might just be trying to keep her from discovering the truth. 


Best Biography

3mph: The Adventures of One Woman’s Walk Around the World

By Polly Letofsky

3mph: The Adventures of One Woman's Walk Round The World

3MPH is the incredible biography of Polly Letofsky who left her Colorado home and walked over 14,000 miles by foot across four continents. In the process, she became the first woman to walk around the world all in the spirit of adventure and to raise global awareness for breast cancer. Unfortunately, the tragic events of 9/11 happened in the middle of Polly’s journey, which saw her having to navigate a vastly changing world. 3MPH features the details of her journey, both the good times and the hardships, which she tells with humor and honest reflection.


Best Children’s Book

Chipper Races Right

By Kimber Fox Morgan

Chipper Races Right by Kimber Fox Morgan

Chipper Races Right by Kimber Fox Morgan is a tale about an Arctic fox with a big heart that is filled with love for his friends. The beautifully illustrated story sees Chipper and his friends training hard for the Arctic race. Their goal is to bring home a win for the hometown crowd, but to do so they must beat a fierce competitor named Rocky the Raccoon to the finish. Chipper Races Right is filled with great lessons for children and teaches them about kindness, teamwork, and sportsmanship. 


Best Young Adult

Castle Rock Kingdom

By Andrew J. Boyd

Castle Rock Kingdom by Andrew J. Boyd

Castle Rock Kingdom is the first novel in the Generation Z series by Andrew J. Boyd. It follows Evan, Jake, Steven, Stacy, Ellie, Justin, and Kev through their full 8th grade of school. The story begins with Evan and his family moving from Pittsburg to the town of Castle Rock in the Colorado mountain foothills. It’s a whole new world for Evan who connects to the social world of his new Middle School. From there the large cast’s web of stories begins as they learn about new feelings, urges, romance, violins, depression, death, and much more.


Best Fantasy

The Dragon Keepers of Dumara

By Jessica Kemery

The Dragon Keepers of Dumara by Jessica Kemery

The Dragon Keepers of Dumara is the first book in The Dragon Keepers series of epic fantasy adventures by Jessica Kemery. It’s the story of Mila and Prince Alex, an unexpected pair in a hunt for the truth. Mila is the daughter of her town’s only Dragon Keeper while Prince Alex is a scaly shifter on a quest for justice after suspicious circumstances left him motherless. The two become inseparable but Alex fears that keeping Mila close will embroil her in his dangerous battle for revenge and that he might not be powerful enough to protect her.


Best Historical Fiction

The Children’s Nurse

By Ehud Regev

The Children's Nurse by Ehud Regey

The Children’s Nurse by Ehud Regev is a WWII historical survival novel that is based on the true story of a pediatric nurse. The story opens in 1939 as the flames of war engulf Warsaw and Merie’s husband, Rfal, urges her to flee with him to Russia. However, Merie is a pediatric nurse at the city’s only Jewish hospital and opts to stay so she can tend to the injured and orphaned children. When the occupation of Warsaw is complete Merie has no choice but to make the long and arduous journey toward the Russian border as staying would spell her death. The Children’s Nurse tells the story of Merie and how her empathy and resourcefulness enabled her to fight for the lives of Jews wherever she went. 


Best Literary Fiction

The Truths We Never Told

By Ofra Offer Oren

The Truths We Never Told by Ofra Offer Oren

The Truths We Never Told by Ofra Offer Oren is seemingly about an ordinary family living in Israel and going about their daily business. However, behind this picture of marital bliss and family intimacy is something a lot darker. None of them know that their every step is being watched and documented. Or that all of it is reported to one person, who is on a mission to tear apart their carefully woven web of deceit. 


Best Science Fiction

The Precipice

By Shawn Inmon

The Precipice by Shawn Inmon

The Precipice is the first book in The Chronicles of Altor series by Shawn Inmon. It is a post-apocalyptic thriller where a teenager named Quinn Starkweather creates a Nostradamus machine that can accurately predict world events. It makes Quinn very wealthy, but then his program predicts that the world will be torn apart by financial inequity. According to the program, the 99.9% will rise up against the billionaires in what is dubbed The Rage Wars. This prompts Quinn to build a self-sufficient domed city in the desert that he calls Altor. Unfortunately for Quinn, there’s a powerful band of anarchists who are intent on sabotaging Altor and destroying everything.


Best Paranormal

Our Fae Queen

By Traci Lovelot

Our Fae Queen by Traci Lovelot

Our Fae Queen Volume 1 features the first three books in the fantasy romance series of the same name by Traci Lovelot. The protagonist thought that she was human and had no idea magic was real until her birthday when her magic suddenly awakened. When some uninvited guests crash her birthday party she is saved by the Fae royal guard who also kidnaps her. She is told that to save the Tree of Life and Fae magic she will need to claim five consorts and take the throne. This means that instead of graduating from college she has to save a world she never knew existed, but unfortunately not everyone wants her to take the throne. 


Best Non-Fiction

HELP! My Dog is Getting Old

By Sharon Tamplin

HELP! My Dog Is Getting Old by Sharon Tamplin

HELP! My Dog is Getting Old by Sharon Tamplin features easy tips for people with senior dogs to let their animals live longer, happier lives. Dr. Tamplin explains what is really in dog food so people can make informed decisions, and highlights why supplements can make all the difference in how dogs feel and how to choose the right exercise options for dogs. The book also features plenty of other information and tips for caring for aging companions and prolong their lives.