The Truths We Never Told

The Truths We Never Told: A Novel
The Truths We Never Told
Ofra Offer Oren

The Truths We Never Told is a riveting page-turner laced with intrigue, conspiracy, and betrayal, and behind them all – regular people with regular lives, and the regular secrets they thought they could keep.


About the Author

Ofra Offer Oren was born in Tel Aviv and raised on an air force base. When she was fifteen, she moved to London to study at an English high school, returning to her homeland after graduating. Offer Oren enlisted in the Israeli Air Force, and after her discharge completed a degree in English literature from Tel Aviv University. Her first novel was published in 1989 and since then she has written and published 10 others. In 1995, Oren was awarded the Israeli Prime Minister’s Prize for Hebrew Writers, and in 2018 won the Minister of Culture’s Award for her poetry. Her novels have been very enthusiastically received.