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Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners

Stella Romano

Delve into the world of Mediterranean cuisine with this essential cookbook, offering a treasure trove of quick and nutritious recipes. Simplified instructions ensure that anyone can master the art of Mediterranean cooking and enjoy its countless benefits.
🌟 7-Day Quick Start Meal Plan
🌟 Mediterranean Diet Food Pyramid PDF
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The 100 Year Menu

Christal Burnette

Experience the legendary longevity of Okinawa through its delicious and nourishing cuisine. This transformative cookbook, the result of a decade-long exploration, shares the treasured recipes of "Longevity Island" elders. Master the art of creating vibrant flavors with everyday ingredients, and embark on a culinary adventure towards a healthier you.


Three Weeks to Thin

Diana West

Ever wondered why no matter what you try you can't lose weight? Why everything felt easier when you were younger? The truth is, most diets work against your natural biology. That's why sometimes the harder you try, the harder it is to lose weight. But that ends today. Inside 3 Weeks to Thin you'll learn the simple steps to lose weight simply and easily once and for all.



A. Groothoff

What if you could influence your upcoming new year 2024 positively? Set the course for a fulfilled new year between the magic nights from 24.12 until 06.01. Let the new year being the best year of your life.


Pickleball for Life

Sanjay Saint

Coauthored by a personal fitness trainer and a physician, this book offers needed guidance to players at all skill levels and entry points. Pickleball for Life helps readers through everything from a proper nutritional plan, pickleball training activities, and a head-to-toe approach for injury prevention to a brief pre- and postgame routine.

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