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Carina Bergfeldt

He has witnessed 276 executions.
An American death row chaplain and an award-winning Swedish journalist meet by chance in rural Texas. He talks about reconciliation, even for the worst among us. She doesn't want to forgive.
They start a conversation that ends up changing both their lives.

"Whether or not you have a strong faith, it is healing to take part in their conversation."


The Courier's Wife

Vanessa Lind

Strong-willed and effervescent Hattie Logan escapes her privileged family to become a Pinkerton’s spy for the Union during America’s Civil War. Posing as the wife of a beloved courier, she wrestles with a secret that threatens them both. A heartrending novel of courage and resilience inspired by the true story of a female Civil War spy.


Anthrax to Zodiac

Denise Diana Huddle

Biological attacks, kidnappings, hijackings, horrific murders that rocked the nation…and were never solved. Journey back through time from 2001 to 1892 as veteran PI Denise Huddle brings her field-honed investigative skills and trademark snark to her in-depth examination of seven of America’s most notorious unsolved mysteries. You be the judge. Who did it?