Biographies & History

A Tooth in My Popsicle

David Haldane

Ever thought of chucking everything for a foreign culture? David and his Filipino wife, Ivy, did just that, moving to a remote Philippine province in Mindanao. The adventure was surprising, challenging, satisfying, sometimes frightening, often hilarious, and always instructive.


A Long Way From Home

Christian Warren Freed
Army Sergeant First Class Christian Warren Freed deployed to Afghanistan in Oct 2002. What follows is his story, spanning three deployments in two countries over the course of 4 years. This is the War on Terror from the beginning and from the soldier's perspective.

Wealth Woman: The remarkable untold story of the Native woman who made gold rush history

Deb Vanasse
Raised in the ways of her people, Kate Carmack married a white man who took credit for finding the first Klondike gold. But Kate was there, and she knew the truth. Removed from her people and abandoned, she fought for the wealth that was rightfully hers, only to discover the real wealth that was hers all along.