Historical Fiction

Britannia's Innocent

Antoine Vanner

Vanner weaves a good story, making use of historical detail, naval innovations, complex politics, and a young Royal Navy officer coming of age. I'm very impressed with the level of detail that Vanner provides as the young gunnery officer learns how to manage his armored turret and its guns.


The Noise of War

Vincent B. Davis II

Quintus Sertorius managed to survive one of Rome's worst military defeats in history, but his work isn't done yet. Now, he's sent behind enemy lines to help save Rome from these dangerous invaders. If you enjoy epic battle scenes, immersive historical settings, and a fight for survival, this page-turning historical novel is for you!


All The King's Children A Journey of Faith Book 2

K. G. Ingram

After following Him in His presence, how will Azan follow Him in His absence? Azan embarks on a quest to follow in the apostle's footsteps and establish a church in Capernaum, even if it means risking everything. Azan must summon unwavering faith and courage as he faces opposition from the religious leaders. Will he have what it takes to stand up for his beliefs?