Historical Fiction

Blazing China

R. F. Whong

When spiritual beliefs clash with communism…
This book reached Amazon’s #1 new release in Asian Lit in 8/2023 and #1 ranking in its category in 11/2023.
100+ Amazon reviews:
“Dramatic, emotional, edgy, inspiring, heart-wrenching, powerful…”;
“Once I started reading, I could hardly put it down. Warning: this book will change your life. “


No Room for Regret

Janeen Ann O'Connell

London, 1811
Chained below deck, 18-year-old James Tedder listens to the sobs of his fellow prisoners. Putting his hand over his nose to filter the vile smells, James wonders how life on the other side of the world could ever the worth living.

London, 1812
Sarah Blay watches the convict ship Indefatigable begin its voyage to the other side of the world with her husband, and his friend.


Daughters of Green Mountain Gap

Teri M Brown

Maggie is a healer relying on family traditions, folklore, and Cherokee beliefs. Her daughter, Carrie Ann, believes her university training holds the answers. As they clash over the use of roots, herbs, and a dash of mountain magic versus modern medicine, Josie Mae doesn’t know whom to follow. But what happens when neither family traditions nor science can save the ones you love most?