The Precipice

The Precipice
The Precipice
Shawn Inmon

In 2032, there are more than five hundred billionaires worldwide. In 2033, there are none.

As a teenager, Quinn Starkweather builds a computer program that predicts the future. He has created a Nostradamus machine.

The world stands on the razor’s edge of disaster.

With enough warning of the coming apocalypse, Quinn builds an ark in the desert – a self-sufficient domed city he calls Altor.


About the Author

Shawn Inmon is a small town kid who dreamed of being a writer. He worked several dozen different jobs - retail, real estate, traveling with the Unlimited Hydroplanes, crabbing in Alaska, morning disc jockey and station manager, and quite a few others he can't remember to list. These jobs gave him a wonderful base to write what he knows, because he knows a little about a lot.

He achieved his dream of becoming a full time writer in 2016 and has never looked back.

One reviewer called him "The King of Redemption stories." Shawn says he doesn't feel like a king of anything, but he does love a good tale of second chances.

He is the author of the ever-growing Middle Falls Time Travel series, 18 books and counting, and the Alex Hawk Time Travel Adventure series. He is also the author of Feels Like the First Time, a bestselling memoir of growing up in a small town in the seventies, falling in love, and messing everything up.