Eye Kill

Eye Kill
Eye Kill
Ido Graf

Eye Kill is the first in the Adam Wolf series. Adam is a US Marine sniper who is on tour in Afghanistan. Wolf has been trained to kill by the army and he is supremely good at it. He has only ever killed for his country, but that is about to change. He is drawn back to the States following a tragedy. From then on Adam is pulled into a web of lies and intrigue …and death.


About the Author

If you enjoy Ken Follett, John Grisham, Dan Brown or Nelson DeMille then you will love Ido Graf! do Graf grew up in the Mediterranean and in the United Kingdom, predominantly in London. Ido and his family were acquainted with the famous author, Graham Greene who is widely acknowledged to be one of the leading English novelists of the 20th century. After studying for a Bachelor’s degree, Ido went on to study for a Masters, before taking other specialist qualifications. He spent considerable time in military bases in Europe and the Middle East and comes from a police & military background. Ido has travelled extensively in North & South America and in particular in Columbia (at the invitation of the Columbian government) and Venezuela, Cuba, Europe, Middle East, Africa, the Far East, Russia, and the former Eastern bloc countries. He was questioned at length in Guinea by the Presidential Guard on spying allegations relating to the Presidential Palace and in Sierra Leone by agents of the state concerning alleged diamond smuggling. Ido and a friend of his once engaged in a shooting competition in the Củ Chi district of Ho Chi Minh City, with John F. Kennedy Jr. while the actress Daryl Hannah watched the three of them as they fired AK-47s. It was an extraordinary, chance encounter when they were travelling in Vietnam in the 1990s. Ido is a fully qualified scuba diver and skydiver. He is a proficient snowboarder, skier (both downhill and cross-country) and a highly experienced alpinist. He has worked in various sectors for both government departments and private concerns in a variety of sensitive fields in the UK and North America. He worked for short time at Interpol headquarters. Ido Graf is a writer of mystery and suspense thrillers. His works, which he is now publishing, are derived from his own experiences and from meticulous research. He visits all of the locations that he writes about to maintain the highest standards of realism within his novels. Though much of his output is contemporary in nature, it frequently has a historical basis at its core. The main focus of his books is in the political, terrorism, military intelligence, corporate espionage, thriller. spies and adventure categories. He hopes that you enjoy his novels.