Editorial Review: Blood in the Low Country by Paul Attaway

Editorial Review: Blood in the Low Country by Paul Attaway

Thrilling, Riveting, Encouraging

Paul Attaway’s debut novel Blood in the Low Country is an amazing family drama with a hint of mystery and thriller.

This wonderful story revolves around the family of Monty Atkins who is an honest, God-fearing Christian who draws strength from trusting in God and runs a well-to-do, respectable law practice in Charleston. His wife, Rose Atkins is a socialite who aspires to carve out a well-bred social reputation for herself and her family. This is mainly to overcome the extreme disappointment over her troubled childhood and all the secrets that she has buried deep inside her heart. This leads her to exercise stern control over their children, Eli and Walker and she pushes them to the extreme to succeed in everything they do, be it sports or studies.

All appears well in their community until an unexpected and horrific murder is uncovered and all hell breaks loose in this tight-knit society. The readers are then taken on a mind-blowing rollercoaster ride filled with conspiracies of lies, betrayal, hope, and redemption.

Blood in the Low Country is a powerful and poignant tale deeply rooted in Christian values with themes around family ties, strength, and forgiveness.

The book is well written and easy to read except in certain parts where the author goes into great depth explaining about lawsuits, real estate deals, bankruptcy, and so on in one of the subplots. But otherwise, this book is definitely easy to navigate and keeps you hooked on to the story from the beginning till the end.

The characters are complex and well-developed and the healing that takes place within Rose was heartfelt which made the closing scenes really emotional. The climax scenes, on the whole, were totally unexpected with a nail-biting action-packed sequence in a cinematic style that’ll keep you at the edge of the seats.

Overall, Blood in the Low Country is truly a powerful story of surprising breadth, depth, and introspective intrigue. If you enjoy a fast-paced family saga with a compelling murder plot, then definitely check out this book.