Editorial Review: The Silver Rain by Brian D. Campbell

Editorial Review: The Silver Rain by Brian D. Campbell

Lieutenant Conor Rinn is a good person but being a soldier in an apocalyptic wasteland makes that a harder challenge than even he thought – The Silver Rain is his story of revelation, redemption, and truth.

When a world-ending asteroid event is narrowly avoided through the use of untested asteroid laser ablation technology, the northern hemisphere is plunged into a world of Silver Rain, lead poisoning, and famine – leading to a war like no other.

The fallout from the action blanketed the northern hemisphere in silver and lead dust. As complete crop failure devastates the entire region, those in developed areas of the world scramble to secure resources from anywhere south of the equator in a terrifying race to survive. However, when the ominous silver rain begins to spread south, the global community is plunged into a desperate fight for survival, and alliances are shattered.

Cadres of scientists and researchers were sent to investigate the possibility of soil repair immediately after the effects were realized, but nothing came of their explorations other than their deaths. Some became fanatics, lying out of some misguided need for progress. Or so everyone was told.

We’re past the point where the world is on the brink of disaster - the sane world appears to have ended entirely. Rinn has gone AWOL after witnessing the actions of his platoon and realizing that he can’t be a part of that. He’s heading north, to certain death, knowing that the men he called friends are marching south in a wave of horror… but what if there was a sliver of hope? The thinnest, most fragile, and tenuous sliver you could think of – what if the soil could be repaired? A small group of people led by his presumed dead grandfather have proof that the soil can be saved, now they just need to get it to the world…

In "The Silver Rain," author Brian D. Campbell poses a haunting question: if faced with the choice of saving only the current generation or making tremendous sacrifices to save future generations, what path would humanity choose?

Examining the most disturbing facets of human behavior, mob mentality, and anti-intellectualism The Silver Rain takes the reader on a tour of what can only be described as a living hell and brings them out the other side.

Readers of Sci-Fi, Dystopia Punk, and even Political/Environmental Thriller genres will find something here to enjoy, though it’s a heavy emotional read too.

With great pacing and impactful world-building, "The Silver Rain" is a thought-provoking and pulse-pounding tale that will stay with readers long after the final page.