Editorial Review: The Waking World by Jordan A. Moore

Editorial Review: The Waking World by Jordan A. Moore

When the Elder Gods awake, Joy Carter’s life is turned upside down – not only by the madman who wants to free them but by the shocking news that her mother is still alive.

Joy Carter is special, she has the sign which marks those with magical ability. Joy is able to take living souls into the White Room, where she can touch their minds. 

Seven years after Joy’s arrival on the island her mother sent her to in order to keep her safe, the time has come for action once again. She receives a piece of a silver key, a so-called mystic artifact that could save or doom the world, with a letter full of mysterious hints and claims, Joy is skeptical and is sure that it must be a cruel joke meant to taunt her over her mother’s death. Joy is only convinced of the veracity of the letter when her home is attacked and Robert, her childhood friend is kidnapped. 

Taking flight with a band of mercenaries, Joy gets catapulted into a world she’s never experienced – one very far from her idyllic days of painting and tending to the villagers and their animals with her quiet magical powers. Suddenly, she finds herself with others who have abilities like hers but… can she trust them on this dangerous journey? 

Leeroy, Deva, and Tristan make for interesting companions for our hero. Their backstories range from heartbreaking to heartwarming and each plays an important role as the story of Joy Carter unveils itself. 

Jordan A. Moore pulls no punches and opens this story with a blast of action, which is brilliantly complemented by the tranquillity of Joy’s adopted home – a small island in the Dreamlands.  The Waking World is an adventure of cosmic proportions complete with elite level outlaws and mystic doom. With a curious mix of high fantasy, irreverent humor and satirical reflection Moore has created a fun adventure with a stellar cast of characters. 

The story is an interesting mixture of innocence, high drama, and action. This, combined with the way the plot of The Waking World twists, is enough to keep the reader invested. 

The Waking World is an action-packed fast read, Jordan Moore does a great job with combining genres and creates interesting characters.