Editorial Review: Whiskey Storm by F.J. Blooding

Editorial Review: Whiskey Storm by F.J. Blooding

When the world gets saved live on international television by a group of paranormals, there is a certain amount of reaction to be expected – but no one saw this level of reaction coming.

After the epic – live televised – final battle for the world in which paranormals risked their lives for the good of all of humanity the normal world took some time to adjust. For many paranormals it was great – they could be more themselves and their children could go to school with the mundane children. Many more people, though, were scared. When DoDO (the Department of Delicate Operations) rolls into the town of Troutdale armed and ready to force the paranormals to register and wear a control collar, Paige gets involved to try and soothe the troubles.

Unfortunately, the order to round up paranormals and comes straight from the president and is being largely ignored by the media. By ignoring these issues that don’t directly affect them, the mundanes are allowing innocent people to be shipped off to internment camps and even killed.

With tensions swelling and civil war about to break out, Paige has her own personal problems to deal with. She is a new mother to two shape shifting twins, trying to figure out how to do all this “saving the world” stuff while being a mom, looking out for the expanding family she has found herself in, as well as coming to terms with her own enormous power.

This is technically the first book in this part of the series; there are several books that take place within the Whiskey Witches Universe. These previous installments are by no means prerequisite to enjoying this book, there is enough plot in Whiskey Storm to satisfy as a standalone. There are strong connotations to contemporary social issues in the real world, F. J. Blooding does not shy away from talking about them explicitly and with great candor. This inclusion of real-world issues is done seamlessly within the world Blooding has built.

Existing fans of the Whiskey Witch Universe will be on the edge of their seat throughout this story and those new to Blooding’s writing will find themselves fans by the end of it! The writing is clear and crisp, with entertaining and humorous narration surrounding some very serious issues.

A truly epic story of an immensely powerful woman who will do anything in her power to save people like her – as well as the whole country.

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